The Keynote You’ll Never Hear at SXSW

More accurately, my blog post title should be “The Keynote You’ll Not Hear at SXSW Until 2014, 2015 or Beyond”. Specifically, my focus is: “crossing the chasm from the right.” Right now SXSW is incredibly focused on ‘appointment based learning.’ I understand that SXSW Inc has a business model they want to preserve.

But you need the knowledge now.

Just like Netflix gave us “House of Cards” in all of it’s 12 episode glory… I’ll give you the innovation of “crossing the chasm from the right.” I engineered it at Stanford Engineering school. I said engineering twice because I define engineering as a verb and a noun. Engineering is the act of taking what exists and making it suck slightly less with very few resources.

“Crossing the chasm from the right” solves the problem where companies go bankrupt trying to cross the chasm from the left. You die doing that. You die going from left to right. You die trying to jump a ramp like Evil Knievel without any momentum. You die in the cliche case where two MBAs are trying to hire cs majors. Instead, cross the innovation chasm from the right.

Video Preview of my Keynote

Key Knowledge Nuggets From This Future “UnOfficial” Wharton MBA Class

  • 4:16 – Whartonite seeks code monkey problem solved. Stop seeking CS majors. Innovate. A super smidge of vertical at the 4:16 mark is what you seek.
  • 5:35 – Crossing the chasm from the right is not actually new. Many brand name tech companies have done it. Tim O’Reilly did it with SUN. Oracle, Salesforce, and Apple did it.
  • 6:48 – Ideal execution of crossing the chasm from the right is three CS majors selling. This is also the foundation of ENGR 145.
  • 8:25 – “Sell something that exists.” No risk in that. Only commission. All y’all are doing sales-ie tricks such as one-way letters of intent, internal escrow, or LCRRM which is the reverse rebate model. It gets you sales. It is like a freemium model but with money taken in and the money rebated. These are all outlined and expanded upon in my Yahoo Business article.


RMRMRE = Risk Mitigation, Risk Minimization, Risk Elimination

PRPRPI = Pattern recognition, pattern replication, pattern iteration

The RMRMRE and PRPRPI are meant to move you to the right side of the entrepreneur bell curve. My Stanford Engineering video costs students 15k in tuition, but you get it for free because you read AustinStartup. I hope that this keynote got you your return on investment for this years SXSW badge and next two years SXSW platinum badge.

The Keynote You’ll Never Hear at SXSW