Cogsy Offers Small Business Reprieve From Website Hassle

Austin based Cogsy, a revolutionary solution for affordable, custom websites will open its invitation only beta on March 31st. Cogsy will also be giving its first public demo at the SXSW Startup Spotligt on March 8th at 4pm.

Cogsy is led by Ty Barho, co-founder of BuildASign. After helping BuildASign become one of Austin’s fastest growing companies, Mr. Barho turned his attention to the web.

Mr. Barho feels that small business operators should have the ability to create custom sites that are easy to manage.

“With Cogsy,” Mr. Barho reports, “small businesses can create a completely custom website in under five minutes, just by uploading their logo. Instead of a one-time design fee and no support, we’re going to give the customer that same high-end design and unbelievable support for $20 a month.”

“Developers will have the opportunity to create special apps and make them available to users,” says Mr. Barho,

Pushing the limits of Javascript frameworks, Cogsy will allow users to quickly create a website and manage it with ease. Additionally, the utilization of Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) “cloud” based architecture will provide sites that are capable of handling extremely high levels of traffic.

“Sites will be able to handle tens of thousands of requests for a page simultaneously,” reports Mr. Barho. “Your site will be there regardless of traffic, which is especially important if your business is featured in a national publication and sees a spike in traffic.”

In comparison to competitors like WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace, Cogsy will not be driven by templates. Each site will be based on the user’s industry, their logo, and colors. With drag and drop simplicity, management is a breeze, augmented by a unique support philosophy: Cogsy will do it for you. A user need only request what changes they need to their site and Cogsy will make the changes.

Cogsy Offers Small Business Reprieve From Website Hassle