San Antonio Tech Stars Looking for Second Class

As the second TechStars program is getting ready to launch in January, Matt Scherer, our San Antonio correspondent, sat down with Jason Seats, the program manager.

Jason Seats

 Matt Scherer:   This is the second year for the TechStars program in San Antonio.  What will be the biggest differences from the first year and this second year?

Jason Seats:  Probably the biggest difference is that I know what to expect now. I don’t plan to do anything materially different, but in myriad of small ways there will be a lot of incorporated learning from the last program that we hope will make this class even better.

Scherer:  How can companies apply to participate in the program?  And should their focus still be based on cloud-based entrepreneurial activities?

Seats:  TechStars Cloud is a thematic program, which means we are somehow filtering companies with the criteria of what we consider to be ‘Cloud.’ So what does that filter look like? Well, one short-cut would be to just tell you to look at the companies we selected in the last batch. In the past, we described our target company as one that is building the ‘plumbing of the internet’. That’s a great metaphor, but it may be a little misleading. In some sense, this program is more like TechStars Technical in that any sufficiently technology heavy company is probably going to feel like a fit.

Also, if you wish to apply, please visit

Scherer:  What support is given to companies who participate in the program?

Seats:  Same as always….Our companies receive $118 thousands in funding, a huge perks package include hundreds of thousands of dollars of hosting credit and other services as well as mentorship and help from word class entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and technologists.

Scherer:  Is there anything else you wish to add?

Seats:  I’d just add that I’m happy to answer any questions companies have about the program and feel free to contact me For the most consideration, apply before the early application deadline on October 14th. After that things start ramping up rather quickly and time becomes scarce.

San Antonio Tech Stars Looking for Second Class