Larry Chiang Startup Academy Stanford University (#LCSASU) is at UT!

I’m me and I start secret societies and hide stuff in public that only engineers can understand. I’m hiLarryAss like that. I’m also an asshole like that because I tire of Econ majors that go to b-school only to leach off of us ENGR types.

AUSTIN TX. Rejoice. The maintenance engineer of Palo Alto, California has returned to Austin. It coincides with the best music festival ever: Austin City Limits.

Startup School with Paul Graham will be in Dinkelspiel Auditorium on the Stanford campus. If you can attend crash, you should fly out for it! (I help engineers go from crasher to VIP). Anyway, come to LCSASU that kicks off at the Waterloo Room at the Four Seasons on October 11th at 7pm. Startup School is 100% lecture. Larry Chiang Startup Academy (#LCSASU) is 100% first-hand, first person, experiential. It is NOT experimental. The experiment was in 2009 in a class called ENGR145 where kids launched real websites at real tech conferences.

Four Seasons lobby bar at 98 San Jacinto will serve as our “Green Room” for LCSASU.  This is UNcollege. This is UNclassroom-ed. I think you can be in engineering college while you learn hands-on entrepreneurship. It is why after starting Thiel Fellows that Peter Thiel started teach a class called CS183 at Palo Alto’s Community’s College (aka Stanford).

Details are to be executed by you (just like entrepreneurship). The burden on learning is on you before the ‘conference’ even starts (just like entrepreneurship). You prolly should pre-read and start googling all of my stuff. My brand of entrepreneurship is like a rabbit hole that is super deep and uber connected. This conference-within-a-conference is for UT engineers and tech majors. Any revenue you generate will be like revenue generated inside of Stanford ENGR145: 100% Larry Chiang affiliate program. You keep 100% equity too.

If any of this is too weird and too out-there and too Northern California fruity… Know that I will do LCSASU for UT at 2013 SXSW. Last year, I was event secretary to a bunch of engineers from Boston and SF where I,

Air Traffic Controlling SXSW

Of course LCSASU’s all free but I’d bring 8, Abraham Lincoln five dollar bills to tip people.

Pattern replicate.
Pattern iterate.

So you can…
– Risk minimize
– Risk mitigate
– Risk eliminate

If you’re an engineer, I’ll mentor you by ‘pattern recognition’. You, as an engineer, should outsource pattern recognition to an old person (aka seasoned executive) who mentors and pattern recognizes for you.  Here is a video that took me 11 years to learn and moves you to the right of the ‘entrepreneurship bell curve’

Stanford University ENGR145’s Anchor Concept: Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole

P.S. People ask how I make money doing this. I don’t. I do this to pay homage to my mentors who taught me: Mark McCormack and Tom Chiang. #WTDTYAHBS & #MIT (respectively)

Larry Chiang Startup Academy Stanford University (#LCSASU) is at UT!