Click Forensics Acquires Adometry; Adopts New Company Name

Click Forensics®, Inc. today announced that it has acquired display ad verification technology provider Adometry of Redmond, Washington. In addition, Click Forensics announced it has changed its company name to Adometry. The moves are designed to support the continued expansion of the Click Forensics product line for the display advertising market.

In February 2010, Click Forensics launched a beta version of its cross-channel ad analytics suite for online display advertisers, which was tested by some of the world’s top brands and ad inventory providers. The integrated offering is designed to help advertisers, agencies, ad networks and publishers to manage audience verification attribution and campaign optimization through a single platform.

“The key challenge online marketers face today is accurately measuring and improving the performance of their online ad campaigns as they flow across a changing landscape of ad networks and web sites,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics and the new Adometry. “With the addition of ad verification technology from Adometry, our ad analytics suite integrates all the pieces of display campaign measurement and optimization in a single offering for brand advertisers.”

Over the past year, Click Forensics has continued to build out its technology offerings for display advertisers. The solution suite, which helps brands measure and improve the performance of their online display campaigns, complements Click Forensics ad analytics technology for PPC marketers. Online marketers can also use the two offerings together to manage their hybrid display and PPC campaigns.

“We’re excited to join forces with the Click Forensics team,” said John Dietz, founder of Adometry. “The company works with the world’s top online advertisers, publishers and ad networks. Our technology will enhance the current capabilities Click Forensics provides to display advertisers as we work together to build out new features for its powerful ad analytics suite.”

Click Forensics Acquires Adometry; Adopts New Company Name

Click Forensics Secures $6 Million Series C

Click Forensics, a leading provider of online advertising and audience verification solutions, today announced that it recently closed a $6 million Series C funding round led by Austin Ventures with participation from Sierra Ventures and Shasta Ventures. The funding will help support Click Forensics as it expands development and marketing of new offerings designed to help brand advertisers and agencies verify online audiences and optimize investments for display advertising campaigns.

“The $22+ billion a year market for display advertising is only expected to grow as marketers continue to pour money into automated advertising and audience delivery systems,” said Thomas Ball, partner, Austin Ventures. “As a leader in the space, Click Forensics is an ideal partner to help ensure that the audiences brands buy are indeed what they paid for.”

Since 2006, Click Forensics has provided audience verification solutions for top online marketers, advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks in the cost-per-click market. In February of this year, the company announced a beta program for its display ad verification platform, bringing the same level of transparency and accountability to the display ad market. Click Forensics has amassed data on billions of ad impressions and clicks, which it uses to refine and develop sophisticated machine-learning algorithms that filter unwanted audiences and measure the value of audiences that view ads. The company’s SaaS offerings are ideally suited to meet the scalability and performance demands of real-time impression filtering and audience verification.

“The need to verify online audiences has increased greatly as the number of brokers that operate in between the advertiser and the ad impression continues to grow,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics. “The continued support of our investors will allow us to develop new solutions that better protect and improve the performance of online advertising.”

Click Forensics Secures $6 Million Series C

Click Forensics Launches Beta Version of Display Ad Verification Platform

Click Forensics, a leading provider of online advertising verification solutions, today opened the beta testing program for a new platform that will enable online display advertisers to make audience impression filtering and ad serving decisions in real-time. The technology, designed to complement existing brand safety solutions, also features analytics to measure the effectiveness of display ad campaigns at reaching their desired audiences. Online advertisers, agencies and ad networks using the platform will benefit by reducing ad spend wasted on unwanted and ineffective impressions, which will improve overall campaign ROI. Organizations interested in participating in the beta program, can visit

The first new features will be commercially available in Q1 2010, with new functionality added regularly. The new Click Forensics platform is designed to bring a new level of transparency to the display advertising market, similar to what the company’s search ad verification platform has delivered in the search marketing space for years. This includes tracking and blocking impression inflation, including malware schemes used to inflate click through rates (CTRs) on display ads.

“As companies look to expand investments in display advertising through online networks and exchanges, they need ways to ensure they’re reaching their intended audiences for media buys,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics. “It also means they need to watch for ad impression inflation and outright fraud, which can cost them more money than necessary. Our new platform helps advertisers and ad providers do just that by taking what we’ve learned in search and applying it to display.”

The Click Forensics display ad verification platform is designed to solve problems online advertisers face when purchasing inventory through any of the newly available channels, such as ad exchanges, demand side platforms (DSPs) and blind ad networks. This includes helping marketers to verify the delivery of purchased impressions, such as how many impressions they received, to whom they were delivered, and whether they were viewed by a human for an appreciable time period. By using the Click Forensics platform, advertisers and agencies will be able to pre-filter individual unwanted impressions in real-time and verify that campaign objectives are met by delivering better targeted impressions.

“We’re excited to work with Click Forensics on the development of this new offering to help us deliver more precise targeting and results for client ad campaigns,” said Matt Greitzer, vice president of search marketing and head of ATOM Systems at Razorfish.  “The company’s expertise and experience vetting ad quality across billions of search advertising clicks is a huge advantage in handling the demands of display advertising verification.”

As the leader in search advertising audience verification, Click Forensics is uniquely positioned to bring additional transparency to the display advertising community. Over the past four years the company has amassed data on billions of clicks and ad impressions, which it uses to develop sophisticated machine-learning algorithms that discover click fraud, malware sources and botnets; filter unwanted audiences; and measure the value of audiences that view ads. With the ability to collect and manage massive amounts of data and process billions of impressions per day, the new Click Forensics platform for display advertising is designed to meet the scalability and performance demands of real-time impression filtering and verification.

Click Forensics Launches Beta Version of Display Ad Verification Platform

Click Forensics Teams with eBay

Click Forensics, Inc., the industry leader in audience verification and traffic quality improvement for the online advertising community, today announced that it is working with eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, to help protect eBay advertisers from fraudulent traffic and to improve conversion rates for merchants using eBay’s AdCommerce advertising platform. By working together to filter out low-quality and invalid traffic, Click Forensics will help AdCommerce deliver higher quality audiences to AdCommerce advertisers, driving increased conversions and greater profits.

“It is crucial that we deliver the highest quality traffic to our advertising partners, and working with Click Forensics will help ensure that we are doing just that,” said Alexis Van De Wyer, director of advertising at eBay Inc. “Click Forensics has its finger on the pulse of the latest in audience verification – working together we will ensure that we are maximizing results for eBay’s advertising partners.”

Multiple eBay business units will benefit from the relationship, including the eBay Partner Network (ePN) and the eBay AdCommerce unit. AdCommerce is an advertising tool for eBay merchants that helps increase their visibility among eBay buyers by displaying cost-per-click ads to eBay visitors based on keywords or categories. The agreement between the two companies provides for data sharing, technology licensing and professional services consulting.

“eBay is committed to delivering the highest quality traffic to its advertiser merchants,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics, Inc. “We look forward to collaborating closely with eBay to continually improve and enhance both our platforms for the benefit of online advertisers.”

Click Forensics Teams with eBay