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There is still one thing missing from this site: you!

We are actively soliciting guest posts from writers with expertise in many areas of the Austin tech community, from investing to to cleantech to gaming. Everybody has unique expertise to share, and we’d like to hear about yours. Guest posts are typically between 750 and 1,250 words. They should be vendor agnostic, though opinion pieces are encouraged. We reserve the right to edit your guest posts if and as we see fit.

We also actively want your news — we will agree to all embargoes, and we encourage you to submit to us 2-3 days in advance of any announcement so that we have enough time to give your news the proper attention.  Stories we choose to pursue will thoroughly researched and fact-checked. is the best address to use for both embargoed news and guest posts.

The alias forwards our Editorial Director Bryan Menell. Bryan will decide whether to pursue a given story, and will assign out the story to a staff writer as appropriate.

If you’re interested in writing for us on a regular basis, please get in touch with us at the same address. We’re always looking for fresh new blood, and we pay too!

No writer or editor, whether staff or non-staff, will write about their own company, their clients, their partners, their customers or their competitors. Because Austin Startup is a labor of love, we all hold day jobs, and conflicts of interest are an unavoidable hazard.

We will disclose all potential conflicts of interest at the bottom of all posts, erring on the side of too much disclosure. We encourage you to call us out on any missteps or potential conflicts. It is important to us that this site adhere to rigorous ethical standards.

Thanks for your interest!