Infocyte Raises $500K for Assessment Platform that Determines If a Network Has Been Hacked

Infocyte, Inc., a San Antonio-based cyber security startup, has secured $500k in additional seed funding to accelerate development of its’ assessment platform, Pulse. Led by Austin-based LiveOak Venture Partners, the funding will be used to expand Infocyte’s development team ahead of their planned 1st Quarter 2015 product launch.

“The Infocyte team has a storied history and deep domain knowledge gained from their time in national defense,” said Venu Shamapant, General Partner, LiveOak Venture Partners. “We are excited to partner with them in their ambitions to bring advanced threat detection to a wider audience.” Pulse is an on-premises appliance that scans all workstations and servers in a network to find indications of compromise, unauthorized activity, and malicious code. The platform is unique in the assessment industry because it doesn’t stop at finding vulnerabilities; it goes further by discovering attackers who have actually breached the network. The product allows organizations to audit their networks to find out if any attackers have evaded in-place security measures and discover breaches before they end up in

With major hacks constantly in the news, enterprises are installing new security monitoring equipment and hardening their networks. But “hardening the front door won’t help if you already have an attacker entrenched inside your network, said Chris Gerritz, CEO & co-founder of Infocyte. “This is where an assessment capability that identifies post-intrusion activity comes into play.”

Infocyte has been performing assessments on financial institutions with an earlier version of the platform since August. Upon product launch, Infocyte will be licensing the platform to enterprise customers and security service providers.

Infocyte Raises $500K for Assessment Platform that Determines If a Network Has Been Hacked

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