Austin Tech Happy Hour Dec 4th

When you feel the chill in the air, you know the end of the year is approaching. We are kicking off the holiday party season with our December 4th happy hour at The Dogwood. Come celebrate a fantastic year for the Austin technology community with a frosty beverage and some great networking.

There are a limited number of free tickets available, then a bigger batch of early bird specials, and finally a pre-registration discount. If you miss all of those, you can pay the full price of $10 at the door. This event is at a bar, so you must be 21+ to get in. Every person that
attends will receive two drink tickets.


Phoenix Staff is an IT recruiting firm that staffs key roles in companies ranging from the help desk to a CTO/CIO – being high touch, low volume affords us the opportunity to truly manage that wide range.  The core of people we place fall into the category of “senior” in their chosen profession – again this is achieved by our high touch, low volume approach.  They are the best in their chosen area of expertise and when they aren’t actively looking, they are ready with a referral. What exactly does high touch mean? Simply put, we are the company that follows-up.

With venues like the CIO breakfast, our alignment in education and our ability to connect with the folks who people consider the “center of the Oracle universe or .NET universe or Linux universe” we are able to connect and, more importantly for you, get connected, quickly to those people who are looking. That allows us to be very specific in our attention for our clients and candidates.  Instead of providing a client with 15 resumes to review, we are able to spend the necessary time with the people behind the resume
to determine the best fit. Given the chance to prove that this is how
we operate, we very quickly become the exclusive providers to our

Austin Tech Happy Hour Dec 4th

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