Rivet Launches First-of-its-Kind User-Generated Content Marketing Solution

Rivet LogoRivet Works, Inc., a technology company that inspires consumers with user-generated content (UGC) solutions, today announced its launch as the first content marketing solution that promotes active engagement between people and their favorite brands. Rivet’s cloud-based platform captures the experience of the consumer by individualizing user-generated content marketing programs to produce thought-provoking and experiential content. With easy integration and implementation across both mobile and web channels, Rivet drives customer engagement, promotes brand awareness, enhances brand loyalty, and increases conversion rates.

Rivet (previously known as Together Mobile) enables the capture, management, and display of content across a wide range of outlets and formats to generate vastly more image, video, text location, user response, and testimonial content than traditional methods. Further, the platform links customers with the brand by uncovering customer preferences and intent as well as behavioral patterns while capturing explict opt-ins. The capture and use of user-generated content and data drives authentic brand experiences that connect, inspire, and engage consumers.

“Customer experience has emerged as the leading driver of commerce, and is positioned to have an ever-increasing influence on buying decisions,” says Michael Svatek, CEO and Co-Founder of Rivet. “We know that user-generated content is a strategy that not only connects a company to its market, but potential customers with experienced customers, building trust, inspiring purchase, and creating online community. The result is a riveting level of engagement and authenticity that stimulates purchase decisions and propels commerce.”


Rivet Launches First-of-its-Kind User-Generated Content Marketing Solution

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