Get Your JBA at Austin Startup Week

In the spirit of the upcoming “Austin Startup Week” I will attempt to reveal a method to start to understand the “Jedi in Business Administration (JBA).” My goal will be to get you to take a small amount of entrepreneur and startup-flavored e-x-e-c-u-t-i-o-n.

Defining JBA

Jedi in Business Administration. It’s not a Judicial Business Admin (like a JD-MBA). A Jedi comes from the Star Wars movie franchise. We are a society of people that mentor padawans. Padawans grow up and pass the knowledge along. We Jedi’s are always practicing, learning, practicing some more and sometimes mentoring. Every Jedi signature maneuver had a predecessory prequel set-of-actions. Jedi’s are not intimidated. They just wanna padawan up by learning the maneuver they saw.

Starting up a Franchise

I’m using the word “Franchise” like a meme or a hashtag. We are not doing Delaware incorporation docs and hiring WSGR – Cooley – Dorsey to co-lead legal. Jedis do a franchise that pattern replicates a meme, popular hashtag or existing parade. Franchise used to mean going $200k in debt to get a 80hr/ week job that pays $80k. #Subway

Now a franchise, in the Austin startup community, means the Hollywood definition of franchise. Oceans 11 is a franchise. James Bond is a franchise. Star Wars is a film franchise that Disney bought for $1B and installed JJ Abrams at the helm.

Starting up a Sequel Franchise

Remember, “Snow White and the Huntsman” starred Angelina Jolie but didn’t pay Disney’s Snow White royalties. “Wicked” is an unauthorized but fully legal sequel to the Wizard of Oz. Another example of doing a sequel to an entity that we don’t have anything to do with, is closer to home #UTeWeek. I started University of Texas Entrepreneur Week with two undergrads as a Sequel to #StanfordEWeek. Text or email me and I’ll help one of my three to five readers execute a #ASW14 franchise. Yes, it’ll be a sub-franchise to Austin Startup Week. “Yes” you will have organizer blessings because I engineered the signature recipe, “never having to ask forgiveness be because we are asking for permission ‘more often than a FedEx package updates location’.”

Jedi’s are Always Doing MMPPI

MMPPI is Mentor Mentions Per Press Interview. Obi Wan Kenobi says “Master Yoda says” about 100x. Jedi’s cite and source their mentor. I mention my mentor in every blog post and people do not think less of me. My mentor was Mark McCormack. Do you want to be my study buddy at Austin Startup Week?!
Jedi’s do things that seem impossible or just extremely lucky and coincidental. Well, I’m here to speak from behind the Jedi curtain. I’m here to reveal the secrets of the Jedi Order.

R2D2 Was a Great Jedi. C3PO Not So Much.

Two minutes into the conference at the Death Star, R2D2 was crashing, he was hacking in to the Death Star mainframe. He made friends with that super computer and charmed it to shut down the trash compactor. C3PO had his droid phone on SILENT. He saved 5 Jedi’s from the trash compactor’s snake monster. I’d tell you to be like R2D2 and learn to code, but at least learn to Google 12-15 word phrases like a CS major.

What I mean is that a big part of learning to code is learning to copy-paste passages of code. Your general population, non-Jedi punches in two words into the Google. JBA’s iteratively add words to eventually Google 15 word phrases. This leads to my next point…

JBA’s Regurgitate

Young Obi Wan Kenobi can quote his mentor Kwai Gon Gin super well. Luke Skywalker can regurgitate so well that Alec Guinness  actually got, and will get, a movie credit on IMDB after he is dead (both on screen and off).

If R2D2 does not regurgitate Jedi princess Leia to Obi Wan Kenobi… George Lucas never woulda sold Star Wars to Disney for a billion after making three billion. It’s because of R2D2 that Obi Wan put his Yoda plan into motion.

If you don’t have a mentor to regurgitate, get “a VC you don’t know to mentor you.” It’s a genius GigaOm article.

Jedi’s Study Ahead and Self Study via a Mentor

If Luke Skywalker would have waited to go to Jedi Academy, we would all be under the thumb of the dark overlord. You can get the knowledge of an MBA before you go get one. You can get the network of an MBA before you go get one.

Remember, an MBA trains you to be a CEO of a Fortune 100, not a worker bee. A JD trains you to be a judge, not a lawyer. A JBA trains you to kick ass in starting up a business and being an intrapraneur.

Edwin Land. Nolan Bushnell.

Google their relation to the JBA, Steve Jobs.

C3PO is an MBA

He just talks and talks.

And talks. Even while the JBA, R2D2, is hard at work cranking away code or helping the CTO, Chewbacca, debug the Millennium Falcon. Remember R2D2 helped Chewie make the jump to lightspeed. This all happened while C3PO is having a loud meeting with himself, and having a robot panic attack.

JBAs talk less and do more. Two or three R2D2’s can out-execute and out maneuver a Fortune 100 company. One R2D2 can out-flank a team of MBAs.

JBAs Dress

Jedi’s wear a smock.

It doesn’t matter if they’re a padawan or sitting on the Jedi council. They wear a burlap bag.

My super model mentor, Robert Black, said: “If they make you wear a burlap bag. Make it shine.”

Closing Deals Like a JBA

JBA’s can close deals with people that are not even at SXSW while they are at SXSW. Most people in the general population just barely trade business cards or iPhone bump. For example, I booked a super model gig and collaborative event for next years SXSW. For models. To get distribution via big brands.

Sure it’s a verbal commitment.

Sure, I’ll leave them lots of out-clauses and escape clauses. It’s what my mentor, Mark McCormack, taught me. He went to Yale Law. He wrote: WTDTYAHBS. He started IMG.

MBA’s –> JBA


Congratulations on reading this far. Be like legendary MBAs before you and get a JBA.

Yes, I’m talking about Mike Dorsey, Evan Reas, Charlie Kubal, Dylan Keil, etc who learned to code, execute and lever up shareholder equity with few or no resources. JBA’s build.

JBAs Cross the Innovation Chasm from the Right

The general population is trying to get ‘Escape Velocity’ in Geoffrey Moore’s MBA flavored tome, “Crossing the Chasm.” JBAs like Bruce Li, use entrepreneur jiu jitsu. Air quotes not included.

Me?! I’m R2D2-ing while looking prettier than the tall, shiny and pretty C3PO in “What A Super Model Can Teach a Harvard MBA About Credit.”

Get Your JBA at Austin Startup Week

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