3 thoughts on “Why Everyone is Moving to Austin

  1. Jeff Muchnik says:

    Starting a Venture Capital Company in Austin, Texas, Asking for Ideas and Advice, Advisers, Investors, and Mentors

    I am searching for ideas and advice as well as Advisers and Investors as I will be starting a Venture Capital Company in Austin, Texas.

    Over the years both in Canada and the USA, I have helped Companies raise money using Venture Capital, Private Equity, Angel Investors, and other forms of Capital.

    I have met multiple Companies in Austin, Texas looking for Equity and Start-Up Capital.
    Austin, Texas is one of the top areas for Entrepreneurs and a top City for Business.

    I have worked at 3 Fortune 1000 Companies, Bank of America – Merrill Lynch, Countrywide, and TD Bank.

    I have an International MBA, Completion of the CMA Coursework, and a Microsoft, IT, MCP Certification.

    I have 10 years of Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounting, Operations Management Consulting, Internal Audit & Controls, Management, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll, Business Process improvements, Budgeting, Forecasting, Compliance, Financial Statements, IT, P & L, Operations, and Policies and Procedures experience for multiple small, medium, and large Million and Billion Dollar Public and Private Companies both in the USA and Canada.

    Please either call me at 619-504-9939 or email me at jeffrey.muchnik@gmail.com with your ideas and strategies to further discuss your interest in becoming an Advisor, Investor for my Venture Capital Company in Austin, Texas.

    Thank you

    Jeff Muchnik


  2. In Starting a New Technology based company or business, Austin is an ideal location that has supported the higher level of thinking and visionary technological teaming. It is also important to understand that the saturation of a knowledge base can create a detriment to declining economic locations that are in need of innovative thinkers.
    The overall cost of the declining cities can be a major detriment to the entire success and stability of the American Economic model and in these tough times, it becomes more paramount that technology leaders understand the potential impact of keeping all the eggs in one basket.
    Yes, I say that because I know Austin and Boston are leading the technology revolution. But in today’s virtual world, we can gather together, even from the beach. This is what I am hoping, in order to help balance the forward progression of our technological developments. We all realize that it will be the tech industries that will create the growth, sustainability and create the economic stability to put America back on track.
    Corpus actually is a leading area of Alternative Energy, Wind Energy, renewable transportation vehicles and has been selected as one of only six FAA drone testing locations. Corpus also has a higher need for technological thinkers, engineers, computer science, electronics, software design, the city needs the development to compete with the narrow mindedness of the oil industry.
    I have been engaged across the nation in clean energy, aerospace and alternative energy transport. Have a Masters in Computer Science, BS Electrical Engineer, BS Aeronautical Management and am a military vet. I have always looked for ways to help others. Corpus is on the edge of a Technological Renaissance and is strongly positioned for rapid growth. This may be the opportunity your have been looking for. Cost of living, vacation lifestyle, less traffic and exceptional growth capability. Texasiat.com
    Dan McQueen


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