TicketBud Releases Major New Enhancements

TicketBud LogoTicketbud, the greed-free online event registration and ticketing service, announces a new flexible pricing model and suite of platform enhancements including an interactive event page editor, intuitive event management dashboard and other added features to boost attendance, increase awareness and simplify the event registration process.

The event organizer is now given unprecedented options to choose who pays for the ticketing to their event. With the “Free to the Attendee” option, the event organizer pays a $99 guarantee flat rate to sell as many tickets for any price to their event. Alternatively, with the “Free to the Event Organizer” option, Ticketbud now offers a “Per-Ticket” pricing option that allows the organizer to sell tickets for free, meaning the organizer pays nothing and the ticket fee to the attendee is the lowest cost in the industry. Staying true to Ticketbud’s core greed-free values, additional service fees will never be charged if the client chooses to leverage the “Free to the Attendee” option.

Responding to the feedback that global event organizers are seeking an intuitive, self-supported ticketing solution, Ticketbud rethought the event page creation process from the ground up. Ticketbud is the only event ticketing service with an Interactive Event Page Editor which allows the organizer to create the event page in the same environment in which it will be displayed. A comprehensive event management dashboard is provided with a Completion Status Monitor to ensure that all levels of event organizers are guided through each of the steps in a supportive and proactive manner providing a gamification of event page creation. Fully moderated reviews and attendee forum ensures the organizer and attendees can have direct conversations without leaving the event page, increasing ticket purchases and reducing any fear of objectionable or irrelevant content.

“We are extremely excited about rolling out the latest feature enhancements which are a direct result of customer feedback from our global event organizers,” said Lynn Yeldell, CEO, Ticketbud. “These event organizers entrust us with 1,100 events each day which has led to successfully processing nearly $12M ticket sales in 2013 to date. Since 2009, we have had a laser focus on providing the best value in ticketing, greed-free. We’re thrilled with the success across the globe and realize that we’re embarking on a completely new paradigm of online event ticketing and registration.”

“Hosting Josh Ozersky’s world-class culinary event, ‘Meatopia’ on November 2nd & 3rd in San Antonio, TX where 32 chefs from all over the country are cooking up a variety of meats over live fire means getting the word out and attaining the largest turnout of attendees as possible,” said Mesha Millsap, Controller, Pearl Brewery, LLC. “Leveraging Ticketbud to sell tickets online is the simplest and most cost effective solution on the market. We looked at other products for this event, but since deciding to use Ticketbud, there’s no need to use anything else.”

TicketBud Releases Major New Enhancements