Troux Partners with Global IT Giant Atos

Troux, the global leader in Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) software, today announced a partnership with the German business unit of Atos, an international information technology services company to provide advanced IT solutions and outsourcing services with a global reach. By combining their services, Troux and Atos extend their customer’s competitiveness through insight and analytics across the entire IT landscape and along all stages within its lifecycle.

Atos has credible experience in strategic planning, transforming and running massive IT landscapes with many moving parts and stakeholders across a multitude of functions. Together with Atos best practices along the value chain, Troux solutions are able to help business leaders make more informed strategy decisions by connecting business context to IT. The result means executives gain clear line-of-sight across the entire IT landscape, better understand which assets are needed to function, operate and grow their business, and make well- informed investment and divestment decisions.

As a leading IT outsourcing partner, Atos monitors and consistently reports progress to their clients, relying on solutions from Troux to provide insight and understanding into the entire system. Troux provides data aggregation from all the vendors involved and provides decision-makers with the ability to connect and relate information in easy to understand visualizations.

“Very often we see large outsourced IT application landscapes that involve an extensive number of huge vendors, so it is important that we work with the right partner to provide accurate visibility into how they deliver their services and how it is impacting the client’s business,” said Dr. Jürgen Klein, managing partner at Atos Consulting. “Troux enables us to manage IT in the context of the business and provides us with what we need to help our customers manage IT like a business.”

One large global technology company, with operations in more than 110 countries, turned to Atos as the lead IT services firm managing an outsourcing initiative expected to result in a 10-15 percent savings over the course of three years. Partnering with Atos and Troux the Company set forth to simplify and realign the IT organization by streamlining 400 IT services down to 40 business services.

“As Outsourcers continue to evolve the business value they deliver, they are finding that Enterprise Portfolio Management is becoming an important differentiating capability. EPM uniquely provides the contextual insight for the ‘connected enterprise’ which enables a quicker and sustainable way to improve agility, optimize investments and reduce risk — all key benefits demanded by global enterprises today,” said Greg Sloan, vice president alliances at Troux. “We see ATOS as a leader in incorporating EPM into their outsourcing platform to gain competitive advantage for their business and for their clients.”

Troux Partners with Global IT Giant Atos