Favor Launches in Austin Bringing The Food To You

FavorAustin is known for many things: live music, traffic, forward thinkers, sixth street, college culture, hippies, the tech community and FOOD! Now, Home Slice Pizza, East Side King, Torchy’s and anything else your heart (or tastebuds) desire is just a few taps away using Favor’s new mobile app. Favor is an innovative delivery service created by young entrepreneurs Zac Maurais and Ben Doherty that will revolutionize the way busy (and lazy) Austinites dine. The product is part of the larger collaborative consumption movement, like popular rideshare apps, Sidecar and Lyft.

After downloading from the App Store, you will see a curated list of popular restaurants nearby. What’s interesting is you can ask for whatever you want, we don’t limit you to the places we suggest. You can send out a request and one of Favor’s verified “Favor Runners” will pick up your food and promptly deliver it to you. “The runners are efficient, very nice and mine even kept me updated through texts,” says one App Store review. What’s more fun than getting your food delivered from a friendly college kid wearing a bright blue tuxedo t-shirt and driving a car outfitted with an oversized blue bowtie? (Nothing, that’s what.)

Favor originated in San Luis Obispo, California where a pilot program ran this spring. They raised their initial funding from prolific venture capitalist Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Austin was an obvious choice for relocation because of its strong tech community and is home to the best food in the country. The Favor team has hitting the ground running here in Austin and is working hard to establish themselves in both the foodie and college communities.

Favor Launches in Austin Bringing The Food To You

6 thoughts on “Favor Launches in Austin Bringing The Food To You

  1. confidential says:

    So in other words it’s an eat out in with an iPhone app and they don;t limit food choice locations? I must be missing something. Surely there are places too far to drive. And surely they don’t have someone on call in all parts of town at the same time.


    1. austinstartup says:

      I hesitated to approve this comment because it doesn’t come from a valid email address, but I think it’s a fair question. Don’t take this as a sign that I’m going to be mass approving anonymous comments going forward.


  2. Brad says:

    Not going to work in Austin. They will have a hard time convincing people to pay a premium on top of the premiums that some of these Local Austin Landmarks already charge. A lot of reason why these places do so well is because of their location and unique serving style, not because people necessarily crave pizza from Home Slice.

    Ya some may find this concept attractive, but form most, I feel that the experience of walking down South Congress or taking your dog to the Food Trailer Park is a large part of these businesses success. You would have to think that if there was such a “huge” demand for delivered Torchy’s that they would start delivering themselves.


  3. Brad, I somewhat disagree – I started Longhorn Delivery (similar concept, no mobile) and we grew that to multiple cities. (I have since exited that company). We had customers willing to pay high premiums on top of premiums to have food delivered. Never under estimate the value of convenience to very busy or even “lazy” individuals. We would have college students order food from restaurants literally a block away from where they live.

    Also, a lot of restaurants don’t want to deal with deliver themselves – overhead, liability, capacity, peaks & vallies of demand, etc.

    However it will be interesting to see Flavor’s business model. If they are not getting a take from the restaurant I wonder what thier margins are. Also it is a pretty crowded space in Austin – Dine On Demand, Eat Out in, Longhorn Delivery, restaurants w/ existing delivery – even services like TaskRabbit somewhat accomplish this task. To “confidentials” point – is Mobile going to make that big of a difference.


  4. amanda says:

    This is not an Austin Startup! You should support local austin startups like Couch Potato Austin who does the same for less fees. “Favor” is a California startup who is trying to take over Austin LOCAL businesses! Keep Austin Local! Support Local Businesses like Couch Potato Austin & Longhorn Delivery, etc…The only thing Austin has left to hang on to from the amazing city it was 15 yrs. before it has been taking over, is Keep Austin Local and Keep Supporting Local businesses or there will be no more local businesses and Austin will officially be ruined by transplants!


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