Google Fiber Announcement Likely Tomorrow

The worst kept secret in Austin this week is the impending announcement that Google Fiber is coming to Austin. A post titled “Google Fiber’s next stop: Austin, Texas” appeared on the Google Fiber site at 3am the other day. And it was promptly removed. People like GigaOm’s Stacey Higginbotham received invitations to a special event today, and a local PR firm has been tasked with inviting local tech dignitaries.

So what can you expect?

It’s not going to be here any time soon. It could be 6 months before people start getting the service. Putting fiber up on poles requires all kinds of approvals, or at least it did in Kansas City.

Google is not known for finishing projects. Remember Google WiFi? Started in Mountain View, CA and was supposed to eventually roll out across the country? Yeah, that one.

What about you? Are you going to sign up as soon as you can?


Google Fiber Announcement Likely Tomorrow

One thought on “Google Fiber Announcement Likely Tomorrow

  1. I would say 6 months is wildly optimistic. It might take six months to even figure out where service is going. I would set expectations a lot lower – 1-2 years before service starts anywhere. Unless they’ve already been working behind the scenes to preload some of that work.


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