Time Warner Cable Launches IntelligentHome in Austin

You may remember Austin-based startup uControl, which launched at the DEMO conference in 2007. In November 2010 they merged with iControl, and the combined companies are funded by top tier venture investors Kleiner Perkins. Today their unique hardware and software solution launched in Austin with Time Warner Cable under the name of IntelligentHome. Offering invaluable reassurance and personalized comfort anytime with anywhere access, Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome allows secure camera feeds and other tools for homeowners. This means parents can confirm a child has arrived home, pet owners can keep an eye on their pets while at work, and travellers can monitor their homes as well as change light settings to give the impression someone is home.

Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome is an easy-to-use wireless home management system offering 24-7 professional home security monitoring with a flexible set of tools. Using the system, customers can remotely track the daily events taking place in their homes and adjust the lighting and the thermostat just the way they want it. Users have access to real-time information via any internet connection including customized text alerts, secure camera feeds, and activity logs. Benefits include:

  • Easily manage security and comfort from an in-home touch screen, secure website or free mobile app
  • Customize the system by creating personalized settings that can generate email and text alerts when requested
  • Know the home is protected 24/7 with cellular and battery back‑up and TWC’s owned and operated 5-Diamond rated Monitoring Center
  • Keep in touch with the home using in-home cameras to see what’s happening when away
  • Instantly access everyday apps like weather, news and photos using a touchscreen
  • Go green with energy-saving thermostat and lighting controls

“Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome gives our customers a new way to stay connected to home and the things that matter most. Our technology provides professional monitoring plus direct customer access to information about the home, all with a level of flexibility and control that traditional home security systems can’t deliver. We know this is what many of our customers need and we’re excited to deliver this innovative solution that is easy to access, operate and customize,” said John Keib, EVP and Chief Care and Technical Operations Officer, Residential Services.

The iControl Cable Division, located in Austin, invented and developed the home management solution powering Time Warner Cable’s IntelligentHome. “We’re eager to see the technology come to life in our home town, to help protect our friends and neighbors and simplify their lives,” said Jim Johnson, executive vice president of iControl Networks’ Cable Division. “With this launch, Time Warner Cable is bringing the next generation of home security to Austin residents and meeting customer needs for an all-in-one home management solution.”

Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome’s in-home wireless technology means simple installation, touch screen controls and remote management capabilities through secure customer websites and mobile apps when away from home. The in-home system is connected to Time Warner Cable’s technologically-advanced, award-winning monitoring center through wireline broadband facilities, providing professional 24-7 monitoring of critical systems. For added peace of mind, battery and cellular back-ups enhance system reliability should there be a loss of commercial power.

Time Warner Cable Launches IntelligentHome in Austin

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