CrowdFunding Texas and Top Austin Kickstarter Campaigns

The passing of the Jobs Act is already having an impact on entrepreneurs, investors, and startups. Join in at CrowdFund Texas on January 8th at the Omni downtown. If you’re raising money, or if you think you’re going to raise money, you need to understand the changes that are happening in the investing landscape right now.

In the spirit of that, Eric Strait from TechHustlers did some research and discovered the top funded Austin kickstarter campaigns. Are you ready?

CineSkates ($486,518)

What could be cooler than smooth wheels on a tripod that lets you shoot fluid video like on an expensive dolly, only scaled down and miniature.

Ogre by Steve Jackson Games ($923,680)

Steve Jackson is one of the most famous fantasy RPG game designers in the world. No surprise on this one.

Jumpshot Battles PC Frustration ($162,598)

Kat Edmundson’s Second Album ($53,823)

Banner Saga ($723,826)

Building Hope by Turk Pipkin ($40,240)

Turk’s amazing project for Mahiga Hope High School documented in a coffee table book and special edition movie.

The Versalette ($64,246)

CrowdFunding Texas and Top Austin Kickstarter Campaigns