Strategies for UT Entrepreneurship Class, “One Semester Startup” BEFORE It Even Starts

On Sunday night is a special 1 Semester Startup Speed Dating event at UT. Guest Blogger Larry Chiang has some advice on how to succeed at the event.

I give special homework that makes people rich. Im hiLarryAss like that. This event/party/mixer is on my radar for December 2

By “speed dating” it means UT undergrads as pre-entrepreneurs. You’re supposed to walk in with a list of skills. And then “hook up” with other similarly newbie pre-preneurs.

This is how I, Larry Chiang would do it.

DISCLOSURE:  I screwed up my baseball career with a legendary coach, Augie Garrido. I learned my lesson and kick plenty of butt now.

I’d master “1 semester Startup’s” version at Stanford. It’s called ‘engineering 145’. By master I mean spend 3 hrs cramming and preparing and googling and reading. I would start with this video that took me three years to boil down (mechanical engineering pun intended).

ENGR145’s Anchor Concept: Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole
It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve

Then I’d text me 2-10 sentences what you learned. If they don’t suck duck butt, “congrats!-I’m-your-mentor”.

Seriously, while others are shopping for co-founders, you’re walking with my 512-775-8100 cell phone pre-programmed. Walk in on Dec 2 and know
1) you’re uber well prepared!
1b) You’re prolly on the right side of the bell curve. Your BIG 12 Entrepreneur Championship is yours to lose

Googled “GaGaGuaranteed Exits summer 2013”. You’re effen welcome

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Please have “Y” be greater than 11

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The GaGaGuaranteed Exit ideas are sitting there just waiting to make you (sorta) rich. They’re easy to do
They’re easier not to do

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This is me in Texas on the TEE VEE!!!!!’

Watching this video is extra credit

Strategies for UT Entrepreneurship Class, “One Semester Startup” BEFORE It Even Starts