Innotech Beta Summit Participants

This Thursday at Innotech, I have the pleasure of hosting the Beta Summit once again. You will get a sneak peak at a handful of companies that are launching products right now. These technologies are fresh, and many of these companies I guarantee you’ve never seen. Past years have highlighted awesome beta products and companies such as GameSalad, OtherInBox, Phurnace, Spredfast, Forecast, VivoGig, Ricochet Labs, and Workstreamer.

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2012 Innotech Beta Summit Presenters

Vinay Bhagat founded Convio in 1999, and after a successful IPO and a huge acquisition he’s now on to his next venture, TrustRadius. You will get a sneak peak at this new technology that allows IT professionals to make smarter technology decisions by collaborating together and sharing information. It is not yet live to the general public, so this is your chance for a behind-the-scenes look before anyone else sees it.

In a world where so much is digital, why does Snail Mail even exist? Entrepreneur and Facebook alumni Evan Baehr and his team are beginning the process of changing the face of the US Postal Service by bringing it to your iPad via Outbox. It’s now live across Austin, so come check out the service that is revolutionizing an ancient system that is 250 years old.

Everybody has always dreamed that everything in their home would eventually be connected to the internet, and controllable from their phone. The folks at Ube are making that a reality today. They recently launched at DEMO and won the People’s Choice Award. If you didn’t happen to be at DEMO last month, you can see what all the enthusiasm is about at the Beta Summit.

The cloud is supposed to make life easier, right? If you’re like me, you have a bunch of services that live in the cloud. Skyence is providing a universal access layer for these business services that enable unified commenting, sharing, and collaborating. Their leadership team of enterprise technology veterans is embarking on something truly revolutionary in the cloud management space.

If you run an eCommerce website then you know the challenges of allowing consumers to find the right product. CompareMetrics plugs into your existing eCommerce infrastructure and gives your customers a seamless way to compare, navigate, and purchase your products.

Innotech Beta Summit Participants