Amplifier Taps Transverse to Support High Growth Billing Needs

Amplifier, a customized merchandise distributor, has selected Transverse to implement an automated billing platform that will enable the company to continue its rapid growth. Amplifier will use the Transverse all-in-one activity-based billing, rating, and subscription management platform — TRACT Billing— to make billing more efficient, more accurately account for customer consumption, and better understand customer preferences and business trends.

“Amplifier’s business is all about bringing massive scale to our clients. Yet we faced challenges scaling our own billing processes,” said Jef Sewell, CEO and co-founder of Amplifier. “Transverse’s TRACT activity-based billing platform not only helps us grow our company, it provides a foundation for us to develop entirely new services, too.”

Amplifier is an Austin-based company that enables Internet communities to sell customized merchandise directly to their fans. The company produces and personalizes goods, and also manages the order fulfillment process, allowing clients to focus on growing their audiences.

“Change is a constant challenge for all businesses. If your billing system is static and can’t keep up with rapidly changing customer preferences, you will lose customers,” said James Messer, CEO and co-founder of Transverse. “Amplifier recognized that implementing a dynamic, activity-based billing platform would enable them to more efficiently anticipate and respond to shifting customer purchasing behavior.”

Integrated seamlessly with Transverse’s TRACT, Amplifier has streamlined and automated their billing processes and also set up a variety of pricing plans. TRACT’s customizable dashboard allows them to see all of their customers’ activities and ensure that they are billing for all of their services, from storage to invoicing to returns. In addition, comprehensive and detailed reports generated by TRACT help the Amplifier team identify trends in real-time. As Amplifier grows, the cloud-based TRACT platform will scale to meet their needs.

Amplifier Taps Transverse to Support High Growth Billing Needs