Ordoro Lands $1.2M Series A

When reviewing 300 applications for Capital Factory every year, and only accepting a few, sometimes a couple will get away from you. Such is the case with InfoChimps, and also Ordoro which just raised a $1.2M Series A round of financing. It’s bittersweet, but I really do enjoy it when startups come back at you later and effectively say “I told you so!”

All is not lost, however, as Ordoro raised money from Capital Factory pioneers Joshua Baer and Bill Boebel. The round was led by Brussels-based VC emerge.be.

Ordoro offers web-based software for small ecommerce businesses to manage their backoffice functions – that means inventory management, order management, dropshipping and shipping. “Our app deals with all the boring but painful parts of running an ecommerce business”, says Jagath Narayan, Ordoro’s co-founder/CEO. Ordoro’s customers are small businesses selling on popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay and the Amazon marketplace.

This is another great success story for the Austin tech scene. As Josh Baer laid out in his Austin Post article last month, “The emphasis [in Austin] is on startups which make money from the first day they launch”. Ordoro is one of those companies that has been focused on revenue generation from day one. Founded in 2010, the founding team bootstrapped Ordoro for almost a year and saw revenue growth before raising a small angel round last year.

Ordoro is also well plugged into the Austin startup scene. Their first office was at the Austin Technology Incubator. From there, they moved to the Capital Factory office space for a few months before moving out to their own new office space located at 6th and Congress. They have been hiring strong talent from companies such as Bazaarvoice and HomeAway and the team is currently nine people strong.

Ordoro Lands $1.2M Series A