Napkin Venture Launches in Austin

Entrepreneurs will soon have a new resource to help them realize their business goals! Napkin Venture has launched in Austin, and will provide a suite of services to startups of all kinds in the Austin region. Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, Napkin Venture is like business school for startups. The advisors of Napkin Venture will help entrepreneurs and small business owners get their idea off the napkin and into reality. For an extremely competitive package price, entrepreneurs will get a series of business classes including a variety of vital topics from business models through marketing, funding, and even how to pitch. Packages include business legal documents, branding & identity packages, classes, and one-on-one mentorship hours. A variety of packages and a la carte services are available to meet the individualized needs of all kinds of companies, from mom-and-pop shops through tech entrepreneurs.

The partners at Napkin Venture are led by serial entrepreneur and recent City Council candidate Tina Cannon, who saw a gap in the marketplace for entrepreneurs who needed more support to find their way in the often confusing marketplace. She brought together a team of experienced entrepreneurs, designers, attorneys, and subject matter experts to provide an arsenal of information and tools to walk business owners through the minefield and out the other side to success.

Napkin Venture has negotiated pricing with attorneys to provide legal services to clients, including Raúl Calvoz, a lawyer turned business executive, who has worked with 3M and Travelocity, as well as working with and investing in early stage companies. Providing branding and identity services is Chuck Miller, an entrepreneur, inventor, graphic designer, photographer, marketing guru, and musician. Chuck has an extensive portfolio (and one Telly Award) from more than 25 years in the creative sector, including work at ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Steven Soderbergh. Rounding out the team is Eve Richter, who founded the Emerging Technologies Program in the Economic Development Division at the City of Austin, helping bring companies to Austin while helping existing companies of all sizes to grow and thrive. She is an experienced business consultant, with expertise in marketing, social media, finance, business operations, and business growth.

Napkin Venture enters a vibrant business support ecosystem which includes co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators, and classes. Napkin Venture will combine the best elements of these options into one affordable package to serve the needs of entrepreneurs who need the tools and techniques to accelerate their path to success.

“I’ve been there, done that, have the t-shirt,” says founder Tina Cannon. “I’ve struggled out there and learned my lessons, and want to help other startups to avoid some of the mistakes I made, and get on the fast track to success. I’m excited to finally realize my goal of helping entrepreneur dreams become reality.”

Napkin Venture Launches in Austin

One thought on “Napkin Venture Launches in Austin

  1. Susan says:

    This company is not worth the “napkin” it is written on. I had some reservation about choosing NV but I went to a free brain storming session and thought it might be worth looking into more. I realized that Tina Cannon was not everything she was telling us, (the group), that she was. She seemed a bit egotistical and not very interested in any of the groups questions, but more interested in telling all of us how successful she was. Well I did some actual research on that, since I had never heard her name around the Austin entrepreneur circles. As it turns out she has had something like three companies in the past 3-4 years all of which have failed. One she says was acquired, but it wasn’t, it was sued out business. I was able to obtain a fair amount of information of Capitol Factory here in Austin, some of the folks associated with CF were quite familiar with her reputation. Anyway…people should know what the experts they are paying are really experts in.


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