Polygraph Media Announces Launch of its Big Data Analysis Tool for Facebook Marketing

Polygraph Media is launching their Facebook data mining reports product today. It’s great to see company founder Chris Treadaway bring this product to market, after seeing many of the early versions over the past several months. With all the hoopla surrounding the Facbeook IPO, it’s a great time to remember that Facebook is really the platform where brands engage with their constituents. As such, analysis of your brand’s engagement on Facebook is key. With a data science approach, Polygraph works in real-time to collect data from Facebook Pages and subscriber-enabled Profiles, and quantifies it in over 40 charts, graphs, and data visualizations to give marketers actionable intelligence to inform marketing campaigns and strategies.  As a “truth detector” for Facebook marketing, Polygraph Reports are ideal for brands with a major Facebook presence and the agencies or consultants who work with them.

To try to understand the power of their platform, we asked for an example report of the top luxury resorts in Las Vegas. You can see that report here.

“Facebook has grown so fast that companies are now significantly increasing their marketing spend on Facebook Pages and Advertising,” said Polygraph founder, Chris Treadaway, who is also the book author of “Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.”  “But increasingly, we are hearing that marketers need to justify the increased attention and budget.  Is it all worthwhile?  If we spend more money or human resources on Facebook, what will we get out of it?  The answers lie in the data — every social interaction that takes place on a Page is a discrete and important data point that can be mined for information.  We created Polygraph to serve this need — an analytics solution that can look at your Pages and those in your competitive environment, and can clearly survey the Facebook battlefield for marketers, executives and agencies.”

Polygraph brings the power of data science (mining, analysis and reporting) to anyone who wants to analyze business to consumer activity on Facebook.  Polygraph Reports cover all major Facebook marketing scenarios, including community management, content marketing, top content and competitive benchmarking. Additionally, Polygraph can identify the Top 1,000 Fans of any Page on Facebook — essentially a “Klout” for Facebook Pages.  The result is a concise report that not only shows marketers the “cause and effect” of Facebook marketing strategies and tactics, but also allows innovative agencies the opportunity to create custom campaigns based on the data.

“We’ve all heard how if Facebook were a nation, it would be the third largest country on Earth. So it’s common sense that brands have focused so much attention here,” says Brad B McCormick, principal at 10 Louder Strategies and a former senior digital leader at Ruder Finn, Porter Novelli and Cohn & Wolfe global agencies. “But just because a company can be on Facebook doesn’t mean they know how to be on Facebook and measure success. Acquiring Facebook “likes” is just the first step for brands.  Ongoing engagement that builds brand equity is the holy grail of Facebook.  But all too often today, brands and agencies are measuring success with empty platitudes and without data or relevant benchmarks,” McCormick continued. “Polygraph Media offers by far the most robust Facebook analytics I have ever seen. It not only gives brands new insights into their own performance, it allows them to compare each of their KPIs against their competitors, in real time. It’s a game changer.”

Polygraph is available to any interested users, but the largest pockets of interest to date, and strongest beta testing feedback, have come from three different groups:

  • Agencies like those McCormick has worked with, whether public relations, advertising, marketing or new social agencies, who are supporting clients in their social marketing endeavors, and often challenged to buy – or build – tools that can pull actual data and actionable analytics.
  • Social consultants and independents who are experts in social media, with the same sort of clients and needs.
  • And Brands themselves, who are ending the road on “just do social,” and moving to the next phase in which they must determine real ROI on social initiatives and strategically manage their social programs.

These brands – or their agencies and consultants – use data-science-based Polygraph insights to achieve numerous strategic objectives, including:

  • Deepening relationships with customers – identifying most influential customers; understanding likes and dislikes, patterns, commonalities; activating these influentials with relevant offers, promotions, messages.
  • Delivering relevant, timely and impactful content – understanding what interactions are taking place on a page; see what content is most engaging; know what time of day, days of the week the audience interacts with the brand most frequently.
  • Monitoring and benchmarking against the competition – a real-time lens on what the competition is doing when; insights into competitive positioning; a clear comparative of the metrics of the brand and their competitors

A SaaS solution built entirely on Microsoft’s cloud services, the Windows Azure cloud platform, Polygraph is one of the first major big data applications built on Azure.  “We have been working with Polygraph on the development of its social data mining tools and are very pleased with how quickly Polygraph Media embraced and adapted to the Windows Azure platform,” says Rodney Sloan, Principle Platform Strategy Advisor, Microsoft. “Equally exciting for Microsoft and its customers is to have an innovative company like Polygraph Media become a Windows Azure Platform partner.  Polygraph is putting the value of Azure into action.”

While Polygraph will offer data mining tools – and analysis – for all social platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) later in 2012, the company deliberately is starting with Facebook, where critical information has, to date, been inaccessible, locked away in individual comments, sentiments.  In beta since November, the Polygraph Facebook marketing truth detector is already being used by over 25 brands, major agencies and consultants.  Customers can buy one-time Polygraph Reports or subscriptions for automatic updates and ongoing access.  Pricing is based on the size of Facebook Pages that are analyzed.

Polygraph Media Announces Launch of its Big Data Analysis Tool for Facebook Marketing