Q&A Wednesday :: Spacecraft

Today’s Q&A Wednesday is with Adam Moore, CEO and co-founder of Spacecraft. I first met with Adam about 9 months ago when they first started the company, so it’s pretty exciting to see the product finally brought to market.

Q: Explain what you do in a way that my mom can understand?
SpaceCraft provides everything you need to easily create, maintain, and host a small business website.

Q: What was your “lightbulb” moment when you knew you had something?
My co-founder Jeff Williams and I spent the last decade building enterprise-level websites and mobile applications at big creative agencies. When we decided to start a business together, we discussed all kinds of ideas ranging from something in social media to digital signage. Eventually, our conversations returned to what we loved doing most – web design and development – and to the customer base that is most underserved – small businesses. The lightbulb went off when we decided to bring a big agency approach to the small business market. So far, our customers love the level of service they’re getting…and that we feel they deserve.

Q: What will make you shine above the competitors?
When we started developing the SpaceCraft product, we identified four key areas where we felt the small business market was being underserved, and we built our platform and service offerings around these needs. First, we wanted to make sure that SpaceCraft sites work across all devices (mobile, tablet and PCs.) We leveraged responsive design techniques and the latest technologies including HTML5 to automatically resize and rearrange content across these devices with no additional work for the customer. Next, we wanted to make it incredibly easy for our customers to update and manage their content, so we created a simple interface and powerful design tools to give them the flexibility to easily make changes. Third, we know how important it is for small businesses to be found on the web, so from the start, we built our platform using the latest SEO principles leveraging structured data in everything we do. Last, it’s crucial for small businesses to get the help that they need when they need it, so we have a team of specialists that can be reached on the phone, and we also offer live workshops where we walk customers through the setup and design process in a supportive, judgement-
free zone.

Q: Who are some of your first customers?
It’s been awesome to see the diversity in the industries who are building SpaceCraft websites, from restaurants and bars to doctors’ offices to even a professional bull rider. We modeled our platform over 18 different industries and have over 300 unique business types, and we continue to add to this every day as new industries sign up. We’re also excited to have Lance Armstrong as one of our first customers!

Q: The best advice we’ve received so far has been:
One of our customers told us to charge more! But since that’s not in the plan…

This is a huge opportunity and a huge market, and one of our investors told us early on to stay focused on our customers’ needs and what we’re trying to create for them. This has really helped us build a great first release product.

Q&A Wednesday :: Spacecraft