Dachis Group Launches Advocate Insight

Dachis Group launched the second of it’s paid SaaS applications today, named Advocate Insight. It’s built upon the same big data platform that drives the Social Business Index, Social Portfolio Insights, and the Social Performance Monitor. The product helps to solve the problem of advocate identification for large brands with thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of advocates.

Last month at the Social Business Summit in Austin, company CTO Erik Huddleston gave a presentation about the challenges of advocate identification at scale. Large brands have, on the average, 11 people tasked with engaging with their ecosystem in social channels. That level of manpower can handle listening, and responding to direct messages and comments in the social ecosystem, but there is no possible way to understand all the people that are showing you some brand love. Engaging at scale is a big data problem.

Advocate Insight doesn’t just identify your advocates in the social channels, it also performs some analysis for you to understand additional attributes your advocates, such as how many followers they have, a measure of the sentiment toward your brand, and the strength of their signal over time. Additionally, the product utilizes sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing to sift out the spammers and false advocates.

A screen shot is below. The company issued an official news release today, and there was a blog post from CTO Erik Huddleston. If you’d like to know (for free) who your top 5 advocates are, check it out here. Note that this will only work if your company is one of the top 30,000 brands in the world, and covered by the Social Business Index. TechCrunch covers the story today as well.

Disclaimer: I am the Director of the Collaboratory at Dachis Group.

Dachis Group Launches Advocate Insight