Webcertiv Launches Unified, Cloud-Based Website Security Suite

Austin-based security startup, Webcertiv, today launched the public beta program for its flagship service, the Webcertiv Website Security Suite. The affordable, cloud-based security suite addresses three of the most common security concerns among website owners: web application vulnerability detection, website content integrity verification, and web server availability and performance monitoring. The suite reduces the cost and complexity typically associated with web security, and enables organizations to augment their security staff on an as-needed basis.

“We’re excited to be offering the first cloud-based website security solution to incorporate vulnerability detection, integrity verification, and availability monitoring all from within a single interface,” says Webcertiv founder, Ben Lail. The Webcertiv Website Security Suite operates in the cloud limiting the need for dedicated security hardware and software. In addition, Webcertiv offers a “jumpstart” option for customers wanting help configuring security services and validating web application vulnerability scan results. In some cases, the Security Jumpstart Service may completely eliminate the need for security personnel.

“Organizations face many challenges when it comes to securing their web environments. Oftentimes, they lack the expertise in-house to identify vulnerabilities in complex web applications. They may also lack the budget for expensive security software,” according to Mr. Lail. “Our goal at Webcertiv is to make website and web application security both accessible and affordable.”

The Webcertiv Website Security Suite simplifies traditional security infrastructures by replacing several applications and devices with a single cloud-based service that can be configured, managed, and monitored from nearly any device with a web browser. Security services can be deployed in minutes, and unlike traditional stand-alone security applications, the services are always up-to-date and require no special hardware or software. Real-time alerting notifies website owners of vulnerabilities, unauthorized changes, and availability issues as soon as they are discovered. The suite also scales easily to meet the demands of organizations with many websites.

The Webcertiv Beta Program is open to any organization operating an Internet website. Early-bird access to premium services will be provided to a limited number of commercial, government, and educational institutions. To participate in the Webcertiv Beta Program, visit http://www.webcertiv.com/beta.php. For more information on Webcertiv services, visit http://www.webcertiv.com/services.php.

Webcertiv Launches Unified, Cloud-Based Website Security Suite