ActonMBA Application Deadline Coming Soon

We all have many reasons to be thankful for living in Austin, and grateful for so many awesome things we have in our city. One of them is a top-notch, progressive, forward-leaning MBA program at Acton. Recently they announced the launch of their newly condensed MBA in Entrepreneurship program, which allows students to complete the first portion of the program from anywhere in the world prior to spending five months on-location in Austin, Texas to complete their MBA. The new model begins this fall with the Class of 2013 and will allow students to take less time out of the workforce and maximize their educational investment.

The application deadline is April 4th, 2012.

The updated Acton model requires the same hourly commitment as in years past and a portion of the learning will be completed before reporting to the Acton School of Business campus. Acton’s unrivaled roster of Master Teachers, proven entrepreneurs with real-world success, will continue to instruct students using the Socratic method for which Acton is known.

“We’re continually modifying the curriculum based on student and alumni feedback,” says Acton co-founder and Master Teacher Jeff Sandefer. “By minimally reducing the case-load, we were able to shift a portion of the learning experience to our innovative, experiential online platform, MyEJ (My Entrepreneurial Journey). Overall, students should expect the exact same amount of work, or more, but this will allow motivated entrepreneurs from around the world to take less time away from their lives and receive the same one-of-a-kind education from Acton.”

From Hugo Diaz, class of 2009:

“I needed more preparation in order to take my business to the next level. After going to Acton I realized a lot of mistakes I had made in the past. In fact, I had lost probably 300,000 dollars in mistakes. That’s a lot of money compared to what the program costs.”

Acton could’ve saved Hugo hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes—and it can really do the same for you and your business.

The Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship program begins in September with Pre- Matriculation, which prepares scholars through a series of interactive learning experiences and online courses taught by Acton’s world class faculty. Acton Scholars then report to campus in Austin, Texas in January, when they will begin the intense 100-hour-per-week curriculum that delivers the tools, skills and judgment they need to thrive as entrepreneurial leaders after graduation.

“Acton has always been on the leading edge of business education—embracing change for the benefit of the students and providing them with the tools to change the world,” says Phil Siegel, Acton Master Teacher and General Partner at Austin Ventures. “I’m proud to provide students with the same comprehensive learning experience that is so essential at Acton, but in a way that is increasingly accessible to more prospective students.”

The Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship draws a diverse pool of scholars from different educational and business backgrounds; many students have previously earned master’s degrees or worked for years in the business world, but come to Acton to take their careers to the next level.

“I founded four companies before coming to Acton. I needed to learn what I was doing wrong and how I could do things better,” says Bryan Daigle, Acton graduate and founder and CEO of Long Tail Products. “Acton didn’t just teach me how to be an entrepreneur—it gave me the tools to think like an entrepreneur. It gave me the skills to bridge sales and operations—things I couldn’t have learned in any other MBA program.”

“I already had an MBA before applying to Acton, but I still was not adequately prepared to build the type of company I truly wanted to run” says Jamie Matthews, Acton alumnus, Master Teacher, and founder of the non-profit organization Explore Austin. “At Acton, I gained the skills to run my real estate business plus the freedom to start my non-profit and live a life of meaning—and now, as a teacher at Acton, I’m able to pass those lessons on to future entrepreneurs.”

Acton is now accepting applications for the class of 2013. Visit

ActonMBA Application Deadline Coming Soon