Forecast Looks Solid for AllWebLeads

Market research companies like IBISWorld forecast an increased demand for insurance coverage in 2012, but by the same token, insurance buyers are expected to be increasingly selective on the plans they purchase. Sites like and others of a similar breed are widely used by insurance shoppers to compare plans and find both what is right and most cost-effective for them. However, where does that leave the hard-working insurance sales agent?

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the startup All Web Leads completes the other side of the equation, connecting insurance agents and agencies with consumers ready to buy. This is accomplished by using data from self-owned insurance quote sites consumers are already using, coupled with complex internet marketing methods and search algorithms.

The result is a detailed lead for a shopper actively looking for and ready to buy an insurance plan. These leads are then forwarded to insurance agents in the All Web Leads network. But agents do not need to worry about fighting everyone else for the same lead, either. All Web Leads will only share a single lead with a maximum of four agents, a much better ratio than other similar services – in fact, the company received an award for it in 2011.

While All Web Leads does specialize in health, life, auto and home leads, they also have a vast selection of niche sub-categories to fit any insurance agent’s needs. All of these leads are delivered in real time, just as consumers finish submitting their information for a quote, making agents able to contact a prospective customer right away and while they are still in a “shopping mood.”

The leads an insurance seller can receive are highly customizable, and include a large amount of filters to suit any business need. Perhaps one of the key filters for solo agents or small insurance firms is the ability to geo-locate leads, homing in their results to a specific geographic zone and target demographic.

Of course, like any other service of its kind, there is a price attached. Where All Web Leads sets itself apart, however, is the fact that it requires no minimum purchases, it has no contracts to worry about, and it does not require upfront deposits at all. Insurance sellers pay only for however many leads they actually want to receive, and they do so at fixed and upfront prices. As an added bonus, All Web Leads also has a return policy, where insurance sellers can get a full refund on any invalid leads they receive.

All Web Leads even includes payment tools that agents can use to automatically control their leads volume, payment methods and even a pause button that can be used to stop leads while on vacation, during personal emergencies or due to other commitments.

As the old adage goes, seeing is believing, and All Web Leads is so confident on the quality of its product that it offers an impressive $200.00 USD in free leads to any and all new agents who sign up for the service. That is just the cherry on top for a service that anyone looking to boost their insurance business should try.

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Forecast Looks Solid for AllWebLeads

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  1. nick says:

    The problem with these lead’s is you’re sharing leads with many others agents, the result everyone is —hounding— the prospect at the same time which is unprofessional.


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