OtherInBox Acquired by ReturnPath

OtherInBox, an Austin-based company that reduces unwanted email, announced today that they have been acquired and will now be a wholly owner subsidiary of ReturnPath. The company recently crossed the 2 million user mark, a highly coveted milestone for a consumer internet company. The company had raised approximately $4M in investment over the years from non-institutional investors. Return Path is the world’s leading email certification and reputation monitoring company.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, as is customary in a transaction between two private companies. OtherInBox founder Joshua Baer confirmed that ReturnPath is making a significant investment in an Austin presence, doubling the team in Austin in 2012 and moving into new offices that will fit 40+ people. Baer will operate the OtherInBox subsidiary, and join the executive team at ReturnPath, working on innovative new products for the company.

OtherInbox works with some of the world’s largest internet service providers to enhance the consumer experience of email with cutting edge productivity solutions that manage email overload. The OIB tools provide consumers with a superior level of control over how best to manage their inbox than is currently available in most standard email offerings.  The OtherInbox tool help consumers read the emails they want and ignore the ones they don’t, without the user having to change their email address or learn anything new.  OtherInbox’s Unsubscribe feature allows consumers to drop unwanted email into a designated folder to have their address automatically removed from those mailing lists.  These features, which will continue to be offered free to consumers, are critical to helping people cope with the vast amounts of email they receive and dovetail with Return Path’s industry leading email deliverability and reputation management offerings.

In addition, OtherInbox will enhance Return Path’s Sender Score reputation scoring system, which is widely used by companies to make better blocking and filtering decisions. Data from OtherInbox will also be used as part of Return Path’s Certification program, to enhance the reputation measurement for Certified mailers and to help enforce compliance for participants in ensuring and identifying email that is truly wanted by consumers.

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OtherInBox Acquired by ReturnPath

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