Hot Austin Startups for 2012

As we go into 2012 there’s definitely a good sized group of companies that are primed for rapid growth and market acceptance. I’ll give you my list of the few that I’m watching, and if you leave a comment with your pick, and why you think they’re poised for growth I will update the blog post to include the info you posted.

FYI: I’m talking about the emerging companies, not the HomeAway and Bazaarvoices of Austin. We all know they are growing and doing great.

When we’re done, this post will contain a really solid list of the hot companies for 2012.

  • AdLucent – They just moved into new headquarters on South Congress, and they are poised for major growth.
  • Appconomy – Taking a bunch of mobile apps to market in 2012.
  • BlackLocus – Worth watching.
  • BreakingPoint Systems – They’ve already been growing like crazy, but I think we’ll see some great things.
  • CopperEgg – Great tools and big name customers.
  • Famigo – On the move.
  • FeedMagnet – Content curation tool landing many F500 customers.
  • Gazzang – Growing worldwide, and on the move.
  • FitSweep – Connects fitness trainers to fitness consumers.
  • Hurricane Party (Forecast) – Kicking some ass right now
  • InfoChimps – Those crazy data monkeys always have something up their sleeve.
  • Invodo – Some amazing things with a side of awesome sauce coming.
  • MassRelevance – Curation is hot right now.
  • Socialware – I believe they’ll continue to grow rapidly.
  • Sparefoot – Another continued upward trajectory.
  • Spredfast – With their new funding, they will push R&D and grow the customer base.

Who do  you think is going to  break out in 2012?

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Hot Austin Startups for 2012

9 thoughts on “Hot Austin Startups for 2012

  1. Jesse Ahrens says:

    You should checkout Copperegg. They’re another fast growing startup with some big name customers that have awesome tools for monitoring and managing large numbers of systems. Both private and cloud.


  2. Hi Brian,

    I hope that you would consider our new start-up here in Austin, FitSweep, for your list. is designed to connect fitness trainers to fitness consumers in the same geographic area via an online marketplace. creates an on-demand fitness workforce by creating a virtual marketplace for consumers to bid on trainer’s fitness services within their geographical area. The site helps trainers build their clientele and offers an easy platform for transactions between the consumer and trainer to take place. Consumers get the advantage of discovering new trainers while getting great deals on fitness. Please take a look at our site at You can also see our FaceBook page here: or see our twitter page here:!/fitsweep.



  3. I’m pretty sure you’ll see amazing things with a side of awesome sauce from Invodo in 2012. I know what it looks like – wish I could show you, but that time’ll come soon. I’d watch BlackLocus, too.


  4. Jacqueline Hughes says:

    I’d add both Famigo and Forecast to the list. I think they are both have great teams and are kicking some serious ass right now.


  5. Appconomy’s r&d/engineering team has been doing a whole lotta building in 2011; so, in 2012, watch our go-to-market team take the baton hand-off and run fast & hard with app wallets !


  6. I second the forecast & appconomy adds!

    I’d also put FeedMagnet on the list…they’re an awesome content aggregation, curation and display tool officing over at Golab. Their founder Jason Ford is bringing great things to fortune 500 brands like GE, AOL, Sephora and events like WOMMA and SXSW. 2012 is going to be a great year for them!


  7. Who has a cooler name than Gazzang?! But seriously, the company provides transparent data encryption of open source databases, services and applications to protect enterprises doing business in the cloud. Customers and partners include: Scholastic Publishing, Harvard University/Children’s Hospital of Boston, Philips Electronics, Emory University, University of California/Irvine, Ericsson, Firehost Hosting, Booz Allen Hamilton, Mundo Media, Hartford Hospital, FireApps, Rackspace, GoGrid, AWS and more.


  8. “Strong team, real tech, major customer lined up.” – Joshua Baer
    “Solar charging of electric vehicles is a major win-win, and Solspot has an important customer cooperating.” – Bob Metcalfe


  9. Bryan,

    Please consider Tenduit Software for your list. The enterprise software market is booming and Tenduit has a unique solution that offers IT system administrators and infrastructure managers increased server uptime by providing secure out-of-band access and control to any server, anywhere, from any location. Our software only solution lowers server management costs and performs critical functions (power cycling, boot process management, and console access) heterogeneously across all server brands.

    You can find us at

    Thanks for your consideration,


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