SceneTap Announces Launch Date, Moves to Austin

SceneTap, a technology and nightlife company that gives consumers real-time info on the local bar scene, announced today that its launch in the Austin market will take place on Friday, Dec. 9, 2011. SceneTap has also relocated its headquarters to Austin, though the company will maintain a strong Chicago presence.

A free app for iPhone, Android and the Web, SceneTap uses anonymous facial detection technology to provide consumers with real-time information on the local bar scene, including male-to-female ratio, average age, crowd size and drink specials. The company will launch in Austin in a tiered rollout that extends into the New Year, including technology-based scavenger hunts and a blowout event on the weekend of Jan. 21, 2012.

“With an active student population, a tremendous nightlife scene and an impressive startup community, Austin is a natural fit for SceneTap,” said CEO Cole Harper. “It’s an ideal market to showcase the next stage of our product offering as we prepare to launch in other markets, such as Boston, Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles.”

Enhancements timed for the Austin launch include improved user navigation and design, a new section for local events, improved data, more advanced and customizable admin capabilities, and automated marketing features. SceneTap developers have also been working on the next phase of the user interface, which entails notifications.

“Imagine you’re at home and you get a message from your favorite bar that it’s the optimum scene for you to go out,” Harper said. “Or you own a number of venues, and SceneTap tells you it’s time to send a few staff members home to help save you money. For us, it’s all about adding value.”

SceneTap launched in Chicago in July to provide customer analytics to venue operators who want to measure the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising – specifically, the foot traffic, gender and age of customers – anonymously and automatically. SceneTap serves as a marketing tool to bring customers in the door and optimize reach and profitability.

Bar-goers also use SceneTap to find the right spot to go out. They can download the free iPhone or Android mobile application or visit the website ( on their computer or mobile device to take advantage of several features.

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SceneTap Announces Launch Date, Moves to Austin

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