G51 Partners with Larry Chiang for Stanford Fund

Austin-based early stage venture firm G51 Capital has partnered with notorious party crasher / lifestyle hacker Larry Chiang to mine Stanford for promising startups. “We’re building a farm team of CS [computer science] and engineering majors and helping them to learn to be CEOs,” says Rudy Garza, founder and managing partner of G51. “We’re testing out this model, and if it goes well with Stanford, there is an opportunity to expand it within Stanford and beyond.”

Larry says that the fund will be named the “Larry Chiang Stanford G51 Fund of Stanford Founders” and that Garza has committed $1.5 million. Known for his street smarts and love of entrepreneurs, Larry is the author of “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School.”

We’d like to request an investment condition that companies in the fund must relocate to Austin, Texas.

G51 Partners with Larry Chiang for Stanford Fund

One thought on “G51 Partners with Larry Chiang for Stanford Fund

  1. I’d be happy to pitch them on the benefits of Austin, having made that move myself (from Stanford to Austin). Sounds like great news but a really long fund name 🙂


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