Innotech Beta Summit 2011

If you’re attending the Innotech Beta Summit on Thursday, here’s a rundown on the companies that you will see present. Is it a coincidence that half of the companies presenting are “Big Data” plays? You decide.

If you want to register for the conference (so you can attend the beta summit), you can register here and use the special discount code for AustinStartup readers that will you 25% off. That code is SML25.

I’ve got a special deal for you, dear blog readers. For the first 20 people, you can register for Innotech and get a ticket to Austin Tech Happy Hour (5:30pm at Molotov) both totally free. Use discount code BETA888 to claim it.

SubjectLines maximizes email marketing effectiveness by helping you create subject lines that get your emails opened. Discover what your competitors are sending out, and how effective they are. The analytics are driven by the behavior of more than 500,000 anonymous consumer mailboxes, updated daily. Come see how awesome your emails can be.

Social media is hot. Among all that social data is a ton of insight just waiting to be harvested. Polygraph Media is a social media data mining company that gathers intelligence from billions of daily social interactions on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Marketers receive actionable reports on social media activity for their own pages and their competitors.  Enterprises use our platform for ongoing monitoring, comment moderation, and custom projects.

At Loku, we make it easy to tap into the local scene.  We use our proprietary Big Data for Local software to uncover the real character of a place, be it a nearby coffee shop or a city far away. On you can find the latest news and stories, discover new things to do, and get the inside tips on food and drink around town.

Everyone loves to take pictures of their favorite bands when they’re at a concert, but wouldn’t it be great to see a bunch of fan photos of your favorite band? Vivogig is a mobile app and website that lets fans capture and tag live music photos and compete to earn the top spot on the photo charts while supporting their favorite bands.

Forecast is a fun and simple way to share where you’re going. It’s like Foursquare for the future. Instead of telling your friends where you are now with a check in, you create a forecast to tell your friends where you’ll be later. This simple change from present tense to future tense helps you connect with your real friends out in the real world. Forecast is social networking that’s actually social.

HelpJuice is THE auto-updating help page for businesses. We make sure your customers find the answer to their questions – and from your end, we watch the emails your support team sends out, and keep your Help/FAQ page up to date.


Innotech Beta Summit 2011