Rallyhood Launches iOS and Android Versions

Rallyhood, a group coordination app, announced the launch of the first consumer-focused online and mobile app that provide all the social and productivity tools needed to allow groups of any size or type to easily stay organized and rally around a common cause (video here). Instead of logging into to multiple sites and using email to organize a group effort, Rallyhood delivers all the tools needed in one easy-to-use app. The free mobile app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices, allowing users to communicate, coordinate and share life’s activities on-the-go with ease.

“Our end goal is to make it easier for people to get involved, stay connected and share in the moments that bring us together by eliminating the noise and confusion that comes along with organizing everyday group activities,” said Patti Rogers, CEO and founder of Rallyhood. “With the launch of our new mobile app, groups now have easy access to everything they need to stay in the know and on top of things right at their fingertips.”

Daily life activities and group efforts coordinated with the traditional email, phone, text and clipboard often result in confusion (trying to manage calendars and schedules), chaos (multiple logins, too many emails, lost files and attachments) and disappointment (missing out on the real moments in life). Rallyhood is designed to work for individuals and groups – such as teams, clubs, committees, schools /classes, organizations, friends and family members – to make sure information is centralized and filtered so nothing is missed, especially the experiences themselves.

“We have been using Rallyhood to better coordinate school activities – classrooms, fieldtrips, student clubs, team sports, PTA committees and school-wide events like our carnival. It’s easier for our parents, eliminates confusion and helps build the overall experience of being in this community. I like it so much that I have also been using it at home to help with my own parenting and volunteer activities,” said Angela Glode, Marketing and Development Director at St. Gabriel’s Gabriel’s Catholic School.

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Rallyhood Launches iOS and Android Versions

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  1. B.J. Cassidy says:

    Rallyhood is very helpful. It gives you efficient control and coordination. Add pictures and Rally the Fun!! Every community event chairman would benefit from using this program.


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