Famigo Family App Review Now Supports Apple iOS

Famigo is expanding its efforts to help families discover appropriate mobile content by launching support for Apple iOS apps today.  In July, Famigo introduced Family App Review, an interactive guide that enables families to search and sort for games, e-books and other apps.  Today, families can now use Family App Review to discover, select and share favorite apps for both the Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms by visiting www.famigo.com.

For many families, finding the best kid-friendly content among the million plus apps in the Apple App Store & Android Market can be daunting. Famigo Family App Review resolves this by surfacing the best apps for Apple or Android across a variety of family-focused categories.  Famigo Family App Review simplifies the process of app discovery for parents by providing a unique combination of filters and power searches.  As a result, parents can now  zero-in on appropriate content while weeding out apps that may be inappropriate.

“Whether you are looking to entertain or to educate your kids, there’s a lot of great mobile content available for families.  The problem is finding it,” explained Famigo Co-founder and CEO Q Beck. “Existing marketplaces are very general and the number of apps can be overwhelming. Family App Review puts families first.  It is a trusted one-stop resource where parents can find the latest—and the greatest—child-friendly apps quickly and easily, whether you use Apple or Android.”

Famigo’s Family App Review greets parents with a curated list of the best family-friendly apps across the most frequently requested categories.  Parents can also sign up to receive a weekly email that recommends the best apps for their platform of choice, be it Apple or Android, tailored to their family’s needs.

Parents can be confident that each app has been thoroughly tested by Famigo’s internal review team.  App ratings are determined by a team of internal reviewers who score apps according to topics such as “Ease of Use,” “Educational Value,” “Entertainment” and “Family Usefulness.”  Scores from each category are calculated and processed through an algorithm that draws on user analytics and proprietary research to mirror how real-world families assign importance in their daily choices.

Famigo’s “Family Power Search” feature allows families to search and sort apps based on a number of search criteria such as:  Android/Apple, Free/Paid, Age of User, Educational or Tablet Compatible. Users can refine searches by excluding features such as advertising, profanity, violence and in-app purchases, to ensure the games, apps and e-books shared with their children meet their family standards.

Famigo was formed two years ago by entrepreneurs focused on the growing need for families to connect and interact using technology. The reality is that most members of a family, especially children, are doing more things independently, creating solitary interactions with the different screens in their life, whether on the computer, TV, or their cell phone. Famigo’s mission is to bring families together over the technologies that are currently driving them apart by promoting and encouraging play for all ages.

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Famigo Family App Review Now Supports Apple iOS