InfoChimps Acquires Keepstream

Two of my favorite companies have now combined forces. Today in my email I received a message from the founder of Capital Factory company Keepstream. I will re-post it here for you. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Keepstream is joining Infochimps!

We are excited to announce that Keepstream has been acquired by Infochimps, leading API provider and data marketplace! Keepstream co-founders Jim England, Tim Gasper, and Huston Hoburg are joining Infochimps in order to help them develop exciting new data products and improve the Infochimps web experience.

Thank you so much for helping us craft Keepstream into a top notch curation product. We wouldn’t be here without your valuable feedback and excitement for social media.

With this news, we have two significant developments with Keepstream we would like to tell you about. Firstly, we will be slowly closing down the Keepstream hand-curation product. The website will be set to “read-only mode” on September 30th. New user registration will be turned off and existing users will no longer be able to create or edit their collections. However, all collections will still be hosted online and be accessible for viewing. So don’t worry, those links you’ve shared will still work just fine. We will be exploring options for exporting collections or integrating with similar curation services. If you’d be interested in something like this, let us know by replying to this email.

Secondly, Keepstream Reports, located at, will continue forward. It has the potential to be both a more automated way to archive social media as well as a way to create beautiful, actionable social media analytics reports. It’s currently in private beta.

We are really excited on how we can work together, you can look forward to many exciting developments soon to come.

Best regards,
Tim, Jim, and Huston

InfoChimps Acquires Keepstream