Chaotic Moon Creates Labs Division

Chaotic Moon, the world’s most proven mobile application studio, announced today the launch of Chaotic Moon Labs, a new division created to drive mobile innovation and serve as the center of Chaotic Moon’s intellectual property strategy. Steering the direction of the Labs will be whurley (William Hurley), co-founder and former CTO of Chaotic Moon Studios. Replacing whurley as CTO is key talent and Apple R&D veteran, Stephen E. Smith.

“The Labs were created to capitalize on our constant drive to accomplish the ‘impossible’ and to expand Chaotic Moon’s dominance in mobile by growing hardware and software R&D contracts already in place,” said whurley. “By creating a division to focus on these futuristic developments, we’re positioned to fulfill the company’s vision of ALL YOUR MOBILES ARE BELONG TO US™; expanding our reach to embedded solutions and cloud enabled technologies.”

Chaotic Moon Studios is the team behind multiple groundbreaking mobile brands such as News Corps’s The Daily, The Discovery Channel, Groupon and Best Buy. The studio provides everything from initial brainstorming and strategy, to custom development and publishing, to managing a company’s entire mobile presence in any marketplace.

With over 60 patents in process, Chaotic Moon Labs will incubate, develop, launch, and monetize internal hardware and software innovations as well as manage Chaotic Moon’s investments in other mobile companies. The Labs will provide Chaotic Moon’s other divisions with a unique advantage over competitors through its relationships with OEMs, carriers, and component manufactures.

“It was a no brainer move to put whurley’s unstoppable imagination to work in the labs and bring Steve in to take the engineering team to the next level,” said Ben Lamm, CEO of Chaotic Moon. “We expect great things from both teams, as they are being led by two powerful minds with the world’s best development and engineering talent supporting them.”

Chaotic Moon Creates Labs Division

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  1. Carpe Diem says:

    Wow, since when was Chaotic Moon a mobile app manufacturer? Or a mobile anything? This is not what they started out to be, was it? I don’t remember that. Weird. Go where the money is I guess….


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