Unwired Nation Partners With voiceTech

Unwired Nation, the Mobile-Apps-As-A-Service company, today announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with voiceTech, Inc., a leading systems integrator and technology services provider in the pharmacy industry.  The two companies have worked together to add integrated mobile applications (for both Smartphones and tablets) to voiceTech’s suite of pharmacy solutions.  This collaboration will make it quick, easy and affordable for pharmacies to deploy mobile applications technology.  The announcement of this relationship is strategically being released in advance of two major pharmacy wholesaler conferences in Las Vegas – Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen – where the voiceTech mobile solutions will be demonstrated.

voiceTech is integrated with over 95% of the pharmacy management database systems in the industry today, including PDX and McKesson.  voiceTech delivers an array of solutions for over 3,000 pharmacy brands today, ranging from internal work process to customer care.  Customer care solutions, powered by voiceTech ’s new ServiceLink-Rx, focus on proactive health awareness messaging including refill and pickup reminders.  voiceTech is partnering with Unwired Nation to leverage its Kinita platform to enable the rapid deployment of existing web investments, in combination with extensions to its ServiceLink-Rx platform, to create high value, native mobile applications.  These mobile apps will be offered under voiceTech’s MobileLink-Rx brand of services.

“We have been in the pharmacy industry for nearly 20 years.  We know pharmacies need interactive and proactive communications with their customers that are simple, clear and via whatever method that customer wants – whether by voice, text, email  or mobile app,” said Tim Garofalo, President & CEO of voiceTech .  “We developed ServiceLink-Rx to meet these needs in a cost effective manner, and now combined with Unwired Nation’s Kinita platform, we can deliver robust mobile apps quickly and affordably to any pharmacy – independent, small or large chain (pharmacy only, grocery or mass merchant).”

Unwired Nation’s Kinita cross-platform mobile application system uses a simple web-services interface, enabling clients to rapidly deploy and manage mobile web applications that come alive with native features and platform-specific interfaces.  voiceTech  leverages Kinita Messenger™ and other Kinita patent-pending technologies to deliver cross-platform push messaging for clients apps, providing access to real time dedicated-inbox functionality with native device capabilities for mission-critical enterprise applications or high-touch consumer applications.  Kinita allows voiceTech  clients to manage their mobile web assets as usual, while Kinita manages new platforms, feature updates, app stores, operating system updates and multiple device and OS fragmentation – all as a service.

“Our partnership with voiceTech is key to our vision of enabling mobile applications for pharmacy technology solution providers,” said Stacey Zuniga, Unwired Nation VP and co-founder.  “Being integrated into 95+% of backend pharmacy systems makes voiceTech  a major player in the industry, and adding Kinita-based mobile apps to their offering will definitely position our combined solution as the go-to in the market. ”

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Unwired Nation Partners With voiceTech