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There’s no doubt that mobile is hot. At a recent Austin Tech Happy Hour I saw some folks from Mutual Mobile. These young kids fresh out of UT have created an incredible mobile development company. Someone had told me that they currently employee about 165 people, and they’re looking to hire another 100 people before the end of the year!

I get lots of email, and meet tons of people who all want advice on mobile, are looking for mobile developers, and want to get into the game. So I’ve tracked down a deal for you. It’s a video series titled, “Learn to Develop iPhone & iPad Apps in 4 Weeks.”

The course is taught by Bess Ho, who is quickly becoming something of a silicon valley legend given her ability to take business folks (with zero programming skills) and have them build real functional apps in less than 6 hours. She teaches at places like Hacker Dojo, but if you can’t make it to a class she’s put together an awesome version of her course for AustinStartup readers. It retails at $250, but we’ve got the hook up with 60% off making it $99 for this week only. Enjoy!

Mobile Development

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  1. I’ve taken Bess Ho’s course on Udemy. She’s incredible, especially for beginners who have no iOS development experience. The way this is better than the Stanford programming class on itunes is that it actually functions like a course- Bess Ho PERSONALLY answers all your questions, you could also interact with other “students” taking the course. Most iOS development course goes up to >$300. $99 is definitely a good deal.


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