Capital Factory 2011 Applications Open

In just 10 weeks during the summer, your company can make more progress than it would have otherwise in 10 months. That’s possible, because the Capital Factory program will provide you with some cash (up to $20,000), the mentorship of 20 great entrepreneurs, and free services with a value of about $20,000 additional. This will all happen during an intense 10-week program during the summer of 2011.

So what types of companies should apply for Capital Factory?

We’re mostly interested in lightweight internet business models. The best way to understand what that means might be to look at some of the companies that have been through the program in previous years:

We’re looking for companies in various stages of “early.” That means everything from “two guys and a Powerpoint” to just getting ready to take a product it’s first customers. And everything in between.

Apply today, or come to one of our events to meet some of the mentors and companies that have been a part of it!

Capital Factory 2011 Applications Open