Entreave Secures Seed Funding

Entreave is an Austin-based high tech start-up specializing in services for the online job space. Entreave has recently secured an undisclosed amount of funding to continue developing its match-making platform and information portal. “This gives us the runway to refine our platform and gain customer traction,” said Vamsi Mohun, the founder of Entreave. Entreave plans to raise more capital over the next few months.

Entreave is developing a proprietary match-making platform that will enable companies and recruiters to hire the right talent faster and in a cost efficient manner. The platform will not only screen candidates but also match candidates with jobs after evaluating the candidate on various parameters. The match-making platform is more sophisticated and intelligent than just keyword matching, ensuring that the right candidates get matched with available positions.

Vamsi Mohun explains “Our match-making application can save companies a lot of time and money spent on the initial screening process. The application will match their job postings with only qualified and relevant candidates which will enable them to perform faster hiring.” Unlike other online job portals, job postings on Entreave are free and a service fee is charged only after a candidate is successfully hired for an engagement.

Entreave’s affiliate partner plug-in widget is designed to enable business and professional communities to provide their members with hiring solutions directly on the community website. Members of any business or professional association can apply to or post jobs using a version of Entreave’s application that is embedded within the association’s website.

“Our partner-plugin widget is a win-win strategy which on one hand allows associations to be more resourceful for its members, and on the other, allows us to expand our reach to customers,” says John Gardner, co-founder of Entreave.

Entreave is beginning to gain traction with customers and partners. YourLocalCity, a Texas-based networking community for small businesses, is already enabling their site visitors to take advantage of the partner plug-in tool. Entreave is in advanced stages of negotiations with many other business and professional associations in the Austin area.

Entreave’s latest venture is an Informational Portal for professionals and businesses. This portal will help professionals connect and exchange quality career-related information with other professionals and get latest updates on what’s happening in their industry. The goal of this portal is to enhance networking opportunities among businesses and it is designed to serve as a one stop resource tools to find events, blogs, forums, jobs, and members of an industry.

Entreave Secures Seed Funding

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