Affinegy Named to the Fierce 15

Affinegy, providers of intelligent home networking solutions to millions of broadband subscribers, today announced it has been named to FierceCable’s Fierce 15 list, designating it as one of the top cable industry players in 2010. FierceCable‘s editorial staff chose the Fierce 15 list from a group of service providers and vendors that were either nominated by their readers or chosen by editors as offering this year’s most compelling technologies and services.

Affinegy was recognized for its DigiDo Platform, a suite of software applications used in the service provider’s customer care center, their business office and their customers’ homes to enable and manage today’s “Connected Lifestyle.”

The DigiDo Home Portal software helps users securely and easily discover, connect and manage their connected lifestyle gear — computers, game consoles, smart phones, printers, tablets, etc. DigiDo transforms the complex configuration process into a simple and highly automated experience that gets the network set up correctly from the start. Once activated, DigiDo provides seamless connectivity between devices, digital services, and media — at home or on the go.

The DigiDo Care Portal delivers real time information about the customer’s network status along with details of their configuration and that of any connected devices for use by care agents in solving individual and broad network problems. Business planners also use the information to determine consumer use and adoption patterns to identify new marketing opportunities, while customer service agents can uncover up-sell opportunities.

“Inclusion in this year’s Fierce 15 is an honor that validates our solution’s value in helping service providers enable, monetize and expand their customers’ Connected Lifestyles,” said Melissa Simpler, CEO of Affinegy. “Our solutions have consistently enabled service providers to reduce customer support expense, build top-line revenue, speed and scale advanced service deployments, reduce service churn and increase customer loyalty. Given the growing popularity and complexity of home networks, Affinegy’s solution is an essential component for effectively and profitably serving the connected digital home.”

Affinegy Named to the Fierce 15