Austin-Based Riptano Can Haz Valley Monies

We last reported on Riptano’s launch in April – and just a few months later the company has announced they already raised a tidy $2.7MM in a Series A.

Lightspeed Venture Partners led the round, while Sequoia Capital and Jason Calacanis also got in on the action.  John Vrionis of Lightspeed Venture Partners will join Riptano’s board.  The company said they will use the cash to hire developers and further build out their business team to better serve their customers.

In a blog post announcing the news, founder Matt Pfeil stated: “Our goal is to build the highest performing distributed database the world has ever seen.” It’s an ambitious goal, but one that seems to align with the momentum Riptano has already built up in under a year.

Either way, 2.7 million bad boys will certainly help them git ‘er done.

If you’re not familiar with Cassandra, check out the Riptano blog, where they share lots of content about Cassandra and Matt has laid out the rest of the details on their Series A.

Austin-Based Riptano Can Haz Valley Monies