CallVine Adds Scheduled Group Calls to iPhone App

Today, at Wainhouse Research’s Collaboration Service Provider Summit, Callvine (which launched in August) introduced scheduled calls with calendar integration to their Group Call & Text App for the Apple iPhone. With Group Text & Call users can now easily schedule group calls, including one-time and recurring conference calls, directly from their iPhones. Scheduled calls are automatically synchronized to all Group Call participants’ existing calendar application.

The new updated Callvine Group Call & Text app is available now as a free download in the Apple iTunes App Store.

“We believe mobile professionals have been seeking a better way to connect with groups of people,”said Mark Dzwonczyk, Chief Operating Officer of Callvine. “Most conferencing services for mobile users have been a bolt-on of traditional landline functions. What has been missing is alignment of conferencing features with the mobile device. Callvine’s new iPhone app radically improves the user experience. Gone are the days of fumbling to find pin codes, or missing conference calls, while on the road.”

With Callvine, users can “Group Call” up to 20 people at the same time with a single touch, and text more than a hundred people simultaneously. Callvine also makes creating and managing groups a breeze, by simply selecting participants directly from the native iPhone contact list. Callvine is the first and only TRUSTe-certified telecommunications app in the iTunes Store. It currently supports texts and calls within the continental U.S.

As part of the announcement, Callvine’s Mark Dzwonczyk will present a panel discussion at Wainhouse Research’s Collaboration Service Provider Summit entitled “The 5 Billion Mobile Market Opportunity – How Consumers Drive a New Market for Conferencing Services”. The discussion addresses how the collaboration industry can drive new revenue opportunities through crossover models in which consumer-oriented services give rise to new services in professional markets.

“More and more collaboration is becoming remote and mobile. However, many users still feel the need to be on a landline and PC when convening a conference call,” said Marc Beattie, Managing Partner of Wainhouse Research. “Callvine addresses this by giving the mobile user a self-evident user interface and tools that enable an easy-to-use and full featured experience. These new features provide the mobile professional with a compelling way to initiate, attend, and manage conference calls directly from the mobile phone.”

CallVine Adds Scheduled Group Calls to iPhone App

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