OSHAtrac Launches Today

Austin-based OSHAtrac launched today, the brainchild of George Launey, a certified occupational health nurse specialist. In the process of his daily work, he discovered a need for simple OSHA compliance for smaller organizations that could streamline costs, maintain compliance, and deliver business benefits.

The opportunity in the market pushed George to make the transition from registered nurse to software entrepreneur. His journey and experience are definitely typical. “The transition to tech entrepreneur has been my greatest challenge” he said. “Since I’m a specialist in occupational health and not in software, I grossly underestimated how long and how much it would cost to fully develop the OSHAtrac product that I envisioned.” I’m sure the journey has been worth the reward since OSHAtrac is launching today. Customers think so too.

“Before OSHAtrac, I would spend evenings and weekends catching up on paperwork to stay compliant.  We looked into other automated solutions but they were expensive and required ongoing IT expertise.  OSHAtrac is the first solution that is built by someone who understands what employers need,” said Karen Ryan, owner of Midtown Groom & Board, an Austin business focused on providing high quality pet grooming and boarding services.

Where George is atypical is in his attitude towards adding outside capital to the company. “To date OSHAtrac has been bootstrapped by me” he told us. “We have turned down early funding offers, and the plan is not to add external capital unless absolutely necessary.”

In an email interview, we asked George how early customer feedback has shaped the product.

Our beta testing program helped shape the development of the OSHAtrac product.  Early customer feedback showed a need for additional injury metrics, so we developed and added those to the product.  Also, we developed a library within the OSHAtrac product that has safety briefs, health briefs and information regarding OSHA record-keeping, frequently asked questions, etc.   Customer feedback shows that they really like the library feature and use it in their business operations.  So, we are now planning to expand the library and build in additional features. Overall, our goal is to offer a high quality OSHA injury tracking system that is simple and affordable.  Rather than over-engineer the product, we want to offer the features and metrics that are most meaningful to businesses and employers.

The website is launching to the public today.

OSHAtrac Launches Today