Austin Startup Weekend Sep 10-12

This weekend is Startup Weekend in Austin. While you’re probably heard of other weekend rapid startup events in Austin previously, this is actually the first official Startup Weekend in Austin. This is an un-conference style event where anybody can show up who wants to be involved with starting a company and launching it in just 3 crazy long days! The event is going to be held at CoSpace. The tickets link is broken right now, so I don’t have that for you but I’m sure you can buy one there, and it will basically cover your pizza and a t-shirt or something like that.

The keynote speaker will be legendary entrepreneur Gary Hoover. Austin’s own data monkeys the InfoChimps are the Gold Sponsors. Other sponsors include Texas Ventures, Capital Factory, Startup District, Grasshopper, and Piryx.

Sunday night there will  be a panel featuring some notable Austin startup personalities including:

  • Kip McClanahan
  • Jonas Lamis
  • Joshua Baer
  • Sam Decker
  • Jason Cohen
  • Russell Hinds
  • Mellie Price
  • Mark Yagjian

The festivities begin at 6pm on Friday!

Austin Startup Weekend Sep 10-12

3 thoughts on “Austin Startup Weekend Sep 10-12

  1. This was an awesome event–I just attended and came away with plenty of great ideas to apply and to blog about. For anyone considering entering the entrepreneurial arena, this event is almost a rite of passage by way of exposing you to many of the top talents in the Austin area in all areas: marketing, software development, user experience, project management, and more. While the competition aspect is nice, no one is a loser–it is all about forging the relationships that will carry you far beyond this very committed weekend.


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