Capital Factory Hosts “Entrepreneurship for Programmers” August 26

Austin-based incubator Capital Factory, is hosting an Entrepreneurship for Programmers training day next Thursday, August 26th.  The training is part of the Lone Star Ruby Conference at the Norris Conference Center, which continues on Friday and Saturday, and features speakers Tom Preston-Werner of GitHub and Blaze Mizerany of Sinatra.

Capital Factory mentors, each of whom have a computer science or engineering degree and have founded successful companies, will conduct the training day from 8:30AM to 5PM. They will cover funding, marketing, and how to hire salespeople and business experts when the time is right. See bios of presenters Samy Aboel-Nil, Joshua Baer, Ian Clarke, Jason Cohen, Russell Hinds, Rony Kahan, Kip McClanahan, and Ed Roman here.

Attendees can register for the conference + training ($650) or the training only ($250).

Capital Factory Hosts “Entrepreneurship for Programmers” August 26

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