Troux Announces HP Integration

Troux Technologies announced new solutions that integrate with HP Universal Configuration Management Database (HP UCMDB).

IT operations customers spend significant time and money assessing the impact of changes, reacting to unplanned business demands, and responding to business outages. This integration provides greater visibility into the impact of business changes on IT operations while simultaneously enabling IT to make better decisions around optimizing IT spend and reducing operational risk.

The integration with HP UCMDB enables IT operations customers to save costs and identify technology risks. In addition this integration supports improved change management processes by providing enhanced business service context about application ownership and business processes.

By connecting Troux with HP UCMDB, IT operations customers can make quicker, business value-based decisions about everything from disaster recovery to strategic product road maps. These decisions occur as a result of being able to see how business changes and IT operations impact one another. Specifically customers can quickly relate their operational and infrastructure information with details about technology lifecycles, applications, and the business as well as pending projects stored within Troux.

“We are making it easier for IT operations to prioritize their efforts according to business demands, giving them the tools they need to help drive business change,” said Matt Price, vice president, worldwide marketing for Troux Technologies, Inc.

“Customers need to instantly adjust to dynamic business demands,” said Erik Frieberg, vice president, product marketing, Software and Solutions, HP. “The Troux integration with HP UCMDB provides the elasticity customers need to scale their infrastructure up and down as their business demands change.”

Troux Announces HP Integration

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