Macheen in Stealth, but Starts with $2.75M

Let’s talk about a perfect storm.

Start with Richard Schwartz. He’s been advising ATI companies for a while, and was the CEO of SoloMio. It looks like he just resigned as the Chairman of Jinni (presumably to focus on his new company). He’s active in a tech incubator program in Israel, and a former Sr. VP of Technology at Vignette. A proven technology entrepreneur and executive.

Add some really smart money from Tom Meredith and Mike Maples Sr. plus venture level money from DFJ Mercury.

Mix in some leading edge buzzwords like “Cloud.”

It all adds up to some exciting waiting for the rest of us to figure out what these guys are up to. The rest of the team includes Jim Trotter, Schwartz’s former head of sales at SoloMio, and Jayne Walters. Jayne is transitioning out of Reachforce, and worked with Richard at SoloMio when she was with vcfo. So it seems like they’re “getting the band back together.”

So what are they doing? “Cloud Services for a Connected World.” But what does that mean? We assume they mean technology services, and not consulting services. And it’s not for everyone, just the connected world. Could this be some sort of consumer play? Kind of a Mobile Me on steroids that will connect all your mobile devices to the cloud for backup, sharing, and integration?

I have to admit that I have no inside information on this one, even though I know all the parties involved. Should you guys wish to give my the juicy details, I don’t sign NDA’s but I can keep a good secret.

Macheen in Stealth, but Starts with $2.75M