Texas Co-Working Right in Downtown Austin

Earlier this year, Derek Williams and Paul Terry Walhus combined their efforts to launch Texas Coworking, an addition to the already growing trend of co-shared workspaces for entrepreneurs, business people and creative folk. After the continued success of Conjunctured, it’s quite clear that co-working is not only a viable solution for many, but a great means to bring everyone together under one roof and connect.

Walhus commented on the start of the project and overall enthusiasm stating, “I’m in this for the relationships and collaborations that evolve from working with others. Sometimes I’m at the bottom of the food chain learning from others and sometimes I find myself at the top. The other day I helped two of our coworkers, Meghan Jones and Deborah Toodle get their wordpress website started (http://512unscripted.com/), and yesterday I was at the bottom looking up at some of Austin’s most brilliant semantic web experts at an event we hosted for the semantic web community and the City of Austin.”

As you’re probably wondering, the location is ideal. Whereas Conjunctured is located in a neighborhood atmosphere, you can find the Texas Coworking space right in Downtown Austin on 6th street, on the third floor of the Hannig Row Building at 200 East 6th, across from Buffalo Billiards. They are currently accepting applications for membership and are happy to meet and greet to show the space. Their monthly membership rate is $250, as well as offering rates for day use and special events and meetings.

Texas Coworking provides another choice of work space for un-officed Austin entrepreneurs and out-of-town visitors, and one with a distinctly professional feel. This growing trend in co-working is a beneficial option for countless startups, entrepreneurs and anyone who is tired of working from home or coffee shops. One great premise to remember is that co-working brings like-minded people together, and that’s quite valuable in this day and age.
As Walhus notes, “We have a diverse membership with folks in to web development, writers, columnists, bloggers, semantic web developers, crafts people, film makers, videographers, and others with diverse creative skills. It’s really a creative collective.”

To get an idea of how the Texas Coworking space is laid out and designed, you can easily visit their website: www.texascoworking.com and take a tour through their gallery, contact the staff, and set up a visit if you wish. From what we can already see, the space has plenty of room, is attentive to business needs, and poised for considerable success.

Texas Co-Working Right in Downtown Austin